How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Office

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With many jobs moving remote during the pandemic, working from home is the new normal. If you have been considering converting your garage into a more functional space, using it as a home office may be the best move.

Depending on the size of your garage, you can either fully convert your garage into an office, or you can have the option to still park a car in your garage as well. 

Benefits of Having a Home Office in Your Garage

Fewer distractions

If you live with other people, you won’t be disturbed by them, since there will be thick walls in between your house and your office. It will also improve your productivity when distractions in your house are out of sight.

You don’t have to sacrifice another room in your home

You can keep your spare bedroom as it is, rather than converting it into your office, meaning your home will feel more spacious. 

No need to commute

Many people enjoy having a home office because it saves them the time and energy of commuting, and they are able to be more present in their family’s lives. By creating a functional home office, you create more flexibility for yourself in terms of where you want to work from.

Increases home value

Updating certain things in your garage during the conversion, such as the flooring, insulation, or lighting can help the resale value of your home. 

Work and living spaces are kept separate

Living in the same place you work can be challenging, and having a dedicated place to work is important. By working in the garage, you will have some separation between your home and your office, which will help you avoid doing work tasks such as checking emails when you are supposed to be off-duty.


4 Things You Need for Your Garage Office

Your garage office should feel like an extension of your home - a comfortable space that is enjoyable to work from. Here are a few essentials you will need to add to your garage before using it as an office space. 


desk and chair in renovated garage

  1. Insulation - ​​Insulation restricts cold air from coming into a house and retains the heat inside a living space, and vice versa when it’s hot outside. Most garages lack adequate insulation, but if you plan to use your garage as an office for multiple hours a day, you will need to make sure your garage is properly insulated.

    Insulation will reduce your home’s energy usage and allow you to use your garage as a workspace year-round, regardless of the weather. Insulation also reduces noise from outside and inside your home. When insulating your garage, be sure to also insulate your garage door, otherwise all your other insulation efforts are practically useless.
  1. Updated Flooring - If you’re going to be working in your garage, you will want it to be a comfortable space. Garages often come with cold, concrete flooring, which doesn’t feel very homey, but you can dramatically transform the appearance of your garage by simply adding new flooring.

    Garage Living offers a polyaspartic floor coating in a variety of colors, which has many benefits, including its incredible durability and stunning appearance. Polyaspartic floor coatings are a great choice for your new floor, and it makes it easy to match the other elements of your garage, such as your cabinetry or wall paint. 
  1. Good Wi-Fi - A home office requires a stellar Wi-Fi connection, but a home Wi-Fi system doesn’t always reach into the garage very well for a variety of reasons. This could be due to your router being too far away from the garage, or having thick walls in between the garage and the router.

    Fortunately, there are some solutions that you can try out to improve your garage’s
    including getting a Wi-Fi extender, moving your Wi-Fi router, or replacing your router. 
  1. Good Lighting - Having adequate lighting in a workspace is essential for reducing eye strain, and for improving mood and productivity. Some great options for garage lighting include:
    • Compact Fluorescent Light Pot Lamps: Installing these energy efficient lights around the perimeter of your garage will brighten up your workspace without any annoying shadows or glare.
    • Hanging lights: Easy to install, hanging lights light up dim areas in the garage without requiring any lighting.
    • Windows: For natural light, consider adding windows to your garage or to your garage door. Windows can definitely help your space feel brighter, open, and more homey, and you can customize your windows to fit the design of your space. Getting windows that can open are also very useful for air flow in your garage, and is a great way for you to get some fresh air without having to leave your office.


Is a Garage Home Office Worth it? 

Although the idea of converting your garage into a workable space probably sounds great, there are important things to consider. First of all, you will need to decide on a budget for the conversion, and determine whether your remodel plan is achievable within your budget. On the other hand, this project may be an investment now, but it could end up adding resale value to your home. 

Another thing to consider is that converting a garage into a home office will mean sacrificing storage space and parking space. You will have to see if you have other available places for storage and parking before moving forward with the project. 

Ultimately, if you find in the future that you no longer need a home office, you can always turn your garage into something else, such as a fitness room or an entertainment space. 

Fortunately, a garage renovation project will not be very disruptive to the rest of your home, and there are professionals who can help you achieve your dream office. If you have more questions about the renovation process, or are ready to start your project, reach out to our garage renovation experts to discuss your project further. 


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