Reflect, where the serenity of a retreat is brought to life with a muted palette of whites, grays, blues, and metallic accents.

The Garage Living Designer Series is a collection of exclusive garage designs inspired by and created for you.


Garage Living Reflect Designer Series


Designer Series Reflect - Yoga
Designer Series Reflect - Biking
Designer Series Reflect - Porsche
Designer Series Reflect - Water
Designer Series Reflect
Designer Series Reflect
Designer Series Reflect - Hiking

Immerse yourself in tranquility, where the essence of a serene retreat is captured within your own garage. A space designed to inspire reflection and rejuvenation.

This is more than just a garage; it’s a sanctuary for those with refined taste and a deep connection to wellness and nature. The muted color palette of grays, whites, blues, and metallic accents in the Reflect Designer Series, envelops you in a world of quiet sophistication.

Imagine a space where culture and harmony seamlessly intertwine. Welcome to your personal haven, the perfect place to exhale, unwind, and elevate your everyday living.


Garage Living Reflect (palette)


CABINETRY TECNICA cabinetry, powder-coated in Argento Blu

Stone Series Floortex® coating in Dolomite

BACKSPLASH Sandtex Textured Stainless Steel
COUNTERTOP Sandtex Textured Stainless Steel
WALLS Mist slatwall
PAINT COLORS Benjamin Moore – Upper walls in American White 2112-70, Door and trim in Cement Grey 2112-60
OPTIONAL COLORS Chantilly Lace 2121-70, Solitude AF-545, Metallic Silver 2132-60
Visit your local Garage Living showroom for material samples as print and/or digital display colors may vary.


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