Why A Garage Makeover Increases Your Home Resale Value

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Your home resale value will be determined by many different factors. Some factors, like the age of your home, its location, and the selling prices of nearby homes will be out of your control.

You can determine how your house looks when it comes time to sell, however. Smartly chosen home upgrades and improvements play a large role when it comes to figuring out what your home resale value will be.

More and more, homeowners are realizing the value that garage makeovers can have when it comes time to put their house on the market.


Garage makeovers provide home resale value benefits later with daily benefits now

While worrying about what your home resale value will be years from now might not top your list of current priorities, it’s worth considering the daily benefits you’ll get from a garage makeover until that time arrives:

  • your garage will look much nicer both inside and outside
  • garage storage space can be put to better use and maximized
  • your garage can stay organized and clutter-free
  • home energy efficiency will be improved


Adding new garage doors increases home resale value

The return on investment estimate varies from year to year, but buying new garage doors is consistently considered to be one of the most sound home improvement investments that impacts home resale value. In 2015, Investopedia estimated garage door replacements yielded an 88.4% return on investment.

With garage doors accounting for as much as a third of a home’s front exterior, it’s no wonder steel, fibreglass, wood, or full view aluminum garage doors have such an impact on curb appeal. High quality garage doors get noticed by your neighbours now and by prospective home buyers later.


home resale value garage door


Include garage storage solutions in your makeover

Garage Living offers numerous smart storage and organization solutions that improve any garage space:

  • garage slatwall storage with hanging accessories
  • speciality storage racks to keep your garage floor clutter-free
  • garage storage cabinets for your tools

We would expect you’d take the garage cabinetry with you when you move, but chances are you’ll love all of these garage storage solutions so much that you’ll want to take all of them!

If you don’t for whatever reason (perhaps you’re downsizing or moving into a condo), these smart storage systems will provide value to the home’s next owner and can be factored into the selling price.


A new garage floor coating can impact home resale value

There’s no comparison between a cracked and dull-looking concrete garage floor and one that’s had a Floortex™ floor coating applied. Our polyaspartic floor coatings will last for years and can have an impact on home resale value, depending on how long after the floor coating was applied that you sell your home.

At the very least, a Floortex™ floor coating stands out with its decorative flake surface that’s sealed with a durable top coat.


home resale value flooring


A garage workspace may be attractive to some buyers

If you’ve created a garage workspace to indulge your woodworking or auto maintenance hobbies, some like-minded potential buyers may find your home more appealing.

Our GL NEOS Elite garage cabinets, for example, are ideal for garage spaces that need a higher degree of functionality, such as a home automotive workshop.


Garage insulation improves your energy efficiency and helps home resale value

Our renovation services can help improve the energy efficiency in your garage. A properly insulated garage door and professionally installed wall and ceiling insulation, in addition to weather stripping around door and window frames, helps lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.

And years from now when you’re ready to sell, these upgrades can be used in your favour when determining your home resale value.

Schedule your free consultation to find out more from a member of our design team about how garage makeovers help increase your home resale value.

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