Should I Convert My Garage + 3 Things to Consider

By Chi Whitley

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Housing prices have increased by 81.5% in the United States over the last decade. This has caused homeowners to rethink moving to a larger home and seniors looking to downsize are more reluctant to re-enter the housing market.

If you fall into one of these categories, consider transforming your garage into an extra living space or improve the space’s organization so you can enjoy your home more. You can transform your garage into a multipurpose room to enjoy your hobbies and still park your vehicles.

Garage Living creates customized designs to maximize the visual appeal and functionality of any garage. Their smart storage systems include slatwall panels that better utilize a garage’s wall space and storage cabinets.

Regardless of the type of garage transformation you choose to do, you can rely on Garage Living’s premium products and expertise to accomplish your remodeling goals.

Is a garage conversion right for you?

A garage conversion or full remodel isn’t for everyone. A garage floor upgrade and the addition of a wall organization system is often the best place to start. Below are a few things you should consider before deciding whether or not you want to remodel your garage.

1. Location

Your home’s location should be a consideration. If you live in an area that regularly experiences inclement weather, you will want to remodel and organize your garage so you’ll be able to park your vehicles inside.

Homeowners who live in the Northeast, Midwest, and areas where severe weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes occur should place a high priority on indoor parking.

2. Budget

When planning a budget for your garage conversion or remodel, consider that upgrades can range anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000+. Factors like the garage’s size, amount of cabinetry, adding car lifts, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work, and other wants and needs will determine your cost.

Normally, installing a new home office or fitness area in your garage will cost around $5,000, while a guest house with a kitchen and shower costs approximately $22,000 by comparison.

Take into consideration your home’s value and to what degree a garage refresh or full remodel into a multipurpose room will add a return on investment (ROI) in either the short or long term.

3. Design

Finally, you’ll want to consider your garage’s design. Your converted garage’s décor should match the rest of your home’s interior and exterior design.

Garage Living’s Designer Series offers stylish garage themes tailored for your lifestyle. If you live in a modern, eco-friendly home, the ReCHARGE design theme may fit your needs. If minimalism is more your style, consider a minimalist garage makeover that projects an understated, yet bold design aesthetic.

You‘ll also want to upgrade your garage flooring. A Floortex™ floor coating application improves the appearance of the space and is a must-have for multipurpose garages being used as home gyms, DIY workshops, or home workspaces. The coating protects your floor from abrasion and impact damage as well.

For more garage conversion ideas, check out the before and after garage remodel photos featuring projects Garage Living has successfully completed.

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