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5 Reasons to Shop Local for Your Garage Upgrade Project

There are more options for your spending dollar than ever before. Online spending accounted for 16% of total retail sales in America last year, which was an increase of 15% from the previous year. Big-box stores are everywhere across North America, offering tempting prices and the convenience of one-stop shopping. The rapidly evolving retail landscape makes it even more important to think about what it means to shop local and support small businesses. And “shop local” doesn’t just mean supporting small businesses in your community – it also includes buying domestically-made products. It’s a simple fact that where you shop and what products you buy end up having a big impact on the community you live in. Small businesses account for two-thirds of the new jobs created annually in America. In Canada, 70% of the workforce is employed by a small business (defined as a company with less than 100 paid employees). If you’re planning a DIY garage upgrade project using products purchased online or from a big-box store, here are five reasons to consider letting a local small business handle the job.

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