Specialty Garage Storage Solutions Designed for Your Lifestyle

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speciality garage storage 1200x628Garage Living’s reputation as a garage renovation expert has come from us having successfully completed thousands of remodel projects across the U.S. and Canada.

We’re proud to be one of the only custom garage renovation companies that specialize in high-end garage makeovers.

One of the reasons our remodel projects stand out is that Garage Living only uses the best products. That includes everything from our stylish Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coatings to our premium garage storage and organization systems. 

Compared to our competitors, we’re also ahead of the curve in identifying the changing needs of homeowners and creating innovative solutions to address those needs.

Our line of LINEA specialty garage storage products perfectly exemplifies this forward-thinking philosophy.

There’s a need for specialty garage storage products

More than 50% of American homes were built before 1980, according to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey initiative.

A lot of those old builder-grade garages (and garages in newer homes) are unfinished and their owners are getting by with storage systems that are on the lower end of the quality scale. Most people who own a house are content using cheap garage storage products that are designed for universal functionality, rather than for specific uses.

So many different types of items are stored in our garages, however. We all have lots of different hobbies that rely on using the garage as a storage space as well. That’s why there’s a real need for more specialty garage storage products that are specifically designed to store the things you use for work and play.


Slatwall storage for discerning homeowners

What if you’re someone who wants better storage product options that are more tailored to your needs? And what if, as a Thompson’s Company survey found, you’re among the 52% of homeowners that aspire to have a tidy and attractive garage that their neighbors envy?

Garage Living created LINEA slatwall accessories for discerning homeowners just like you. They’re hanging storage products with premium looks and functionality that are designed to accommodate anyone’s lifestyle.

Find out how using LINEA products can help maximize your garage’s storage potential.



6 benefits of using LINEA specialty garage storage products

Sure, we can tell you that LINEA slatwall accessories, which are compatible with Garage Living’s slatwall, are the best hanging accessories you’ll find anywhere. Here’s why we can back up that claim:


1. They keep your garage organized

The first benefit of using any storage product is obvious – they help keep areas of your home tidier. Garages are typically the messiest room in a house. Therefore, they need all the help they can get to stay organized and be used as more than just a junk storage area.

LINEA products perform this primary function and provide you with the additional benefits detailed below that a lot of other slatwall products don’t offer.

Using better garage storage systems that use your space more efficiently can make the room feel much larger, too. An organized garage with a clutter-free floor gives you the option to use some of the space for your hobbies as well.


2. They have a high-end look

Walk into most garages and you’ll find a hodgepodge of different storage systems that have clashing colors and no decorative consistency. Garage Living places a high priority on the looks of our storage products because we know the importance of making a garage look as appealing as any other room in the house.

LINEA slatwall accessories have a sleek look with an attractive granite matte sandtex finish that nicely complements all of Garage Living’s slatwall colors. That makes it easier to create a garage décor that is stylish and tasteful.


3. Specialized storage products protect your belongings

Serious sports hobbyists usually invest in expensive, high-end equipment. For example, mid-range bikes start at around $1,000 and high-end bikes can cost $5,000 and up.

Pricey bikes aren’t the kind of thing you just want to lean against the garage wall in a corner. Hanging bikes or anything else you can on the wall protects your investments from getting damaged by vehicles.



Many of LINEA’s specialty garage storage accessories, such as the bike racks and fishing rod holder, are designed to store specific items. Specialty garage storage products do a better job of keeping your belongings safe and secure. LINEA accessories even have a locking system to prevent shifting and sliding, as well as a strong rubber coating for extra grip and protection for your belongings.


4. LINEA products are built to last

A wise person once said, “buy cheap, buy twice”. Instead of saving a few bucks on some cheap garage storage products, spend a little more on higher-quality storage systems you’ll never have to replace.

Unless a garage is climate-controlled, the room’s temperature can fluctuate throughout the year from sauna-like to ice-cold. Garages also deal with moisture issues caused by humidity, condensation, and melted snow and ice. Because demanding garage environments take a toll on the room’s storage systems over time, they need to be durable.

Many of the items being stored on a garage wall get used regularly, whether it’s bikes, a hose, or yard tools. The accessories holding these things need to be able to handle the demands of frequent usage so they don’t become bent, scratched, or damaged to the point where they become less reliable to use and looking well-worn.

LINEA products are designed to handle the rigors of being used in garage environments and frequent usage of your belongings. The durable metal accessories have a resilient powder-coated finish, which prevents rusting, scratching, and the paint from flaking off over time.


5. The accessories are super-easy to install and use

Using LINEA accessories couldn’t be easier. Just slip an accessory into a slat on a slatwall panel and engage the locking mechanism. Easy peasy. There’s no need to drill or use anchors for your wall hangers.

The accessories also provide a more satisfying user experience compared to what most store-bought products offer. You can feel the quality when you’re using LINEA products. Some pegboard hanging accessories wobble around and items can slip off cheap wall hangers. LINEA accessories stay locked in place and hold your items better.


6. They provide storage versatility

Once you’ve decided on where your items will be stored on the wall, you have the flexibility to move around LINEA accessories at any time. You won’t have to repair holes in the wall and repaint and have to reinstall wall-anchored hangers.

While many LINEA products are designed to store specific items, some of them can also be used for storing all sorts of different items. Here are some examples:

  • the double hooks can be used to store a variety of long and slender items like baseball bats and yard tools
  • the shelf brackets can support shelves and also have top cutouts for coat hangers
  • a coat hook can be used as a general-purpose wall hook
  • a utility hook can be used to store items such as power cords and a hose


Garage Living is constantly innovating

We pride ourselves on offering the best garage storage and improvement products available. Garage Living is always striving to innovate and update our product line, however.

More than 40 types of high-quality slatwall accessories have been part of our product line for years. We wanted to give our customers even more storage options, including more specialty garage storage solutions.

To address the interest in more garage specialty storage options with a premium look, our product development team created the LINEA product line.

Garage Living rigorously tests all of our products with an independent tester to ensure every product we sell complies with our high standards for quality. These high standards guarantee that our customers get maximum value for the products they buy.

Keep an eye out for new releases in the future to the LINEA product line!

Now let’s look at how LINEA’s various types of accessories can provide specific home storage solutions.




Premium garage wall storage for your tools

A primary function of a garage is to store tools of all sizes, ranging from ladders to shovels and rakes to smaller items like screwdrivers and garden trowels.

LINEA’s double hooks can hold most types of long-handled yard tools, pool maintenance equipment like nets and poles, and various types of sports equipment. Use a 4" hook to hang a single item or the longer 8" hook to hang multiple things in one spot.

Smaller hand tools can be stored on one of the specialty garage organizers from our regular line of slatwall accessories. This includes accessories such as a magnetic tool bar, screwdriver holder, and small tool rack.

Another garage tool storage system to consider is a cabinet system with drawers to keep your tools organized.

Tools like a step stool can be hung on a J-hook. For larger and heavier items like ladders, short hoses, and power cords, utility hooks are the best accessory (you can use extra hooks as needed for longer ladders).




Garage wall organizers for sports equipment

Another type of thing that commonly occupies some of a garage’s storage space is sports equipment. A family that stays active with recreational and organized sports can accumulate numerous pieces of athletic gear of all sizes, which are often stored in the garage.



Hanging all of your sports equipment on the garage walls is the best way to extend the life of your gear and prevent floor clutter and tripping hazards. Damp equipment can also dry out faster compared to leaving sweat-soaked items clumped together on the floor (plus it’s more sanitary).

In addition to providing wall hangers to store equipment and accessories for the most popular types of ball and racquet sports and exercise equipment, LINEA offers accessories to hold gear for the following recreational activities:

  • golf (we have single and double golf bag caddies with a shoe shelf)
  • nautical sports
  • snow sports
  • fishing (a premium fishing rod holder is available)

LINEA accessories are also ideal for storing your camping equipment and any folding chairs you use for tailgating or taking to the beach and cottage.

A supplemental garage storage option for things you use on a seasonal basis is an overhead rack. They’re ideal for storing bulky things that aren’t used often, such as holiday decorations and out-of-season items.




The best specialty bike storage solution

One of the biggest needs for specialty garage storage systems is for bicycles, particularly expensive bikes. Grid bike racks that sit on the floor are one option, but they take up floor space and leave your bikes exposed to potential damage from moving vehicles.

The best garage bike storage solution is to use a vertical or horizontal LINEA bike rack to store your bicycles safely on the wall. A universal rack can be used to horizontally store bikes of all frame sizes and styles against the wall.



For more specialized bicycle storage systems, Garage Living offers four types of vertical brackets for storing everything from small BMX bikes to electric bikes to high-end mountain bikes.

The brackets have a two-part adapter system. Bikes are hung from the front wheel on the upper bracket and the back wheel is secured on the lower bracket and can pivot from side to side up to 160 degrees. LINEA’s locking system ensures the brackets remain securely in place.

Any cyclist relies on a number of accessories to support their riding hobby. A variety of LINEA hook, shelf, and basket accessories can be used to store things like water bottles, cycling gloves, bike pumps, spare wheels, inner tubes, and chain lubricant.  We also have a helmet holder for hanging bicycle and motorcycle helmets.




Premium garage shelving ideas

Another common storage system used in garages is wall-mounted shelving. As with most garage wall storage systems, the shelves have to be permanently fastened to the wall. That eliminates the possibility of changing the shelves’ location in the future without having to repair your walls.

Slatwall shelves give you the option of using shelving for storage without the limitation of having the shelves permanently installed. As with any slatwall accessory, you can easily move, add, and remove your garage shelving as your storage needs evolve.

There are several types of LINEA slatwall shelves available including:

  • solid shelves in various widths
  • an angled shoe shelf with an edge guard
  • a versatile rail shelf
  • a wire shelf
  • heavy-duty garage shelving for heavy items




Specialty garage storage for just about everything else

A slatwall system can’t quite store everything that’s in your garage. Some items will be too heavy, large, or simply impractical to store on the wall. But that’s why our other types of high-end garage storage systems like cabinetry and overhead racks exist!

The rest of the LINEA line does have several more types of handy accessories that may be ideal for your garage. This includes the following items:

  • a hose reel mounting bracket
  • a tire rack (learn more about how to store your tires at home here)
  • a recycling bin hook
  • general purpose utility hooks
  • a paper towel holder (perfect for installing beside a garage sink)
  • a fire extinguisher holder
  • accessories for storing apparel


man putting tire on rack


LINEA even helps with decorating your garage!

A big reason homeowners work with us to remodel their garages is that they want to give the room more decorative appeal.

Sometimes it’s the small details that make a big difference in the appearance of a room. The LINEA picture frame hook is a good example of this. It’s a small and inexpensive accessory that is very useful for helping a finished, remodeled garage look even nicer.

The hook allows you to display eye-pleasing artwork, photos, or memorabilia of anything from a favorite sports team to a beloved auto brand. It personalizes your room more and adds to your comfort level within the space.

Here are the benefits of using LINEA picture frame hooks to decorate the garage with your artwork:

  • can be used to hang any size frame
  • no damage to your garage walls with screws or nails
  • easy installation (just place the appropriate number of hooks onto the slatwall and hang your frames)
  • easily relocate and adjust your frames
  • frames are easier to hang for the best presentation and will never go crooked
  • supports most types of frame hanging hardware




Use the best specialty garage storage products

Durable LINEA specialty garage storage products give any garage a stylish, upscale look and will help create more garage storage space you never knew you had.

Let’s get your custom garage remodel project started. All you have to do is schedule a free design consultation with us to begin the process of unlocking your garage’s potential.

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