4 Highly Effective Motorcycle Garage Storage Solutions

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Whether you’re a casual “weekend rider” or enjoy riding your motorcycle every day, your bike deserves a clean and organized garage storage space.

There are several ways to transform your garage to let you store your bike in style. Here are four highly effective motorcycle garage storage solutions to get you inspired.

1. Transform your garage flooring to highlight your bike

You’ve invested a good deal of time and money into your motorcycle, so why keep it parked on an old garage floor that’s cracked and crumbling? A fresh polyaspartic floor coating will transform your garage’s looks with a surface that’s attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. You can also redo your garage floors with versatile interlocking PVC floor tiles.

Either motorcycle garage storage solution provides a parking surface that’s as sleek as your ride. And with the design flexibility available, you can choose floor coating colors and floor tile styles to complement your bike’s appearance. Make your cherished bike stand out even more with the clean, modern look of these practical garage flooring solutions.


Motorcycle and cabinets


2. Use garage wall storage for your bike’s riding gear

Your riding jacket, gloves, helmets, and other motorcycle accessories can have a proper home when not in use with the right kind of garage wall storage. A slatwall panel system is your best option. It allows you to hang a variety of accessories on your garage’s underutilized wall space to hold your bike’s riding gear.

Hooks, racks, and baskets can be arranged on the slatwall in any configuration you desire. Now your riding gear can be stored in a manner that both keeps it all organized and shows off your collection of riding accessories. You’ll also be able to hang your garden tools and other belongings on the rest of the slatwall, which helps minimize your garage’s clutter.


3. Match your motorcycle’s style with sleek garage cabinetry

Rustic wooden cabinets would look out of place hanging next to your polished bike. The sleek, modern look of modular or custom-fit garage cabinetry will match your motorcycle’s style. Along with looking great, our cabinetry also adds high functionality and organization capabilities to your garage space.


4. The best motorcycle garage storage solution for the winter

Storing your motorcycle in the garage for the winter doesn’t have to result in a daily, nerve-racking process that finds you also trying to squeeze a car or truck safely into the garage’s lone parking space. The most effective motorcycle garage storage solution during the winter months is a car lift.




A car lift alleviates parking worries by doubling your garage’s parking space and allowing you to store your bike off the ground (with the right attachments). Storing your bike properly helps maintain their value and keeps them running properly. You can also store lawn equipment and other warm weather items that won’t be getting used for months, freeing up more garage floor space.

Our experts can help you design a cohesive, well-planned garage that incorporates your love of motorcycles. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss space-saving garage storage solutions that add beauty to your space.

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