7 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

If you live in the home of your dreams but your garage is simply where you park, stop right there. There’s no reason your garage can’t be every bit as spectacular as your home. To get things moving in the right direction, here are seven ways to upgrade your garage and create the space you’ve always wanted.

1. Get organized

Wall organizers can help you cut the clutter in no time at all by getting your items off the floor and onto the walls for easy access and storage. You can also consider overhead storage units. They will support over 600 pounds and are available in a variety of sizes. Either option will create room to walk, play, work and easily park.

Wall Organizer

2. Cabinet systems

Not everything has to hang from the walls. Adding cabinets to your garage is a great way to store smaller items or items you have in bulk. Fitted cabinets offer more stability, while free-standing cabinets can be moved, allowing you to further tweak your garage in the future if demand warrants it.

GL Custom Steel Cabinetry


3. Insulate

Spend more time in your garage even during the coldest months by insulating it. Insulation will make the space more enjoyable year-around, and it will also reduce your energy bills.

4. Upgrade the garage door

The garage door is often one of the first things people see when arriving at your home, so be sure it makes a great first impression. Garage Living offers a wide variety of garage doors to fit any architecture, ensuring you’ll find the right door for your home.

Garage Doors

5. Update the interior door

It doesn’t draw as much attention as your garage door, but don’t ignore the door between your garage and your home. If the door is in poor condition, replace it. If it’s in good shape, try a fresh coat of paint and follow the steps below to completely recreate the space.

6. Don’t forget the floor

Want an upgrade you’ll appreciate every time you step foot in your garage? Refurbish the concrete flooring by covering it with Rhino Linings polyaspartic coating for a durable, clean and attractive surface.


7. Give it a lift

If functional space is at a premium, consider investing in a car lift for your garage. A car lift allows you to park two vehicles in the same space without a major renovation, and it’s a great way to store hobby cars, boats, snowmobiles or other seasonal items without paying for costly storage facilities.

Car Lift

The home of your dreams deserves the garage of your dreams and creating that space is easier than you think. To learn more ways to upgrade your garage and create the space you’ve always wanted, contact us.


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