5 Great Reasons You Should Buy A Car Lift

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car lift is the perfect solution for the home garage that has insufficient storage space for your vehicles.

More and more, homeowners with a shortage of parking space in their garage are turning to a car lift for the convenience and practicality they offer. Car lifts take advantage of your garage’s unused vertical space by elevating your vehicle off the floor. This allows you to park another vehicle underneath it.

Silver Porsche on a four post car lift from Garage Living

A car lift is a great alternative to an expensive renovation that increases your garage’s size. Here are the five best reasons to consider one.


1. A car lift protects your investment

Vehicles are a sizeable investment. You can protect that investment by adding the ability to park your vehicles inside your home, which has several advantages:

  • vehicles parked inside a garage are much more protected from vandalism and theft
  • parking your vehicle in a garage prolongs the life of its body and, to a lesser degree, its engine


2. Store your second vehicle in your one-car garage

The majority of homes have one-car garages. If your family has two vehicles, that deprives you of the aforementioned benefits of garage storage.

With a car lift, you can now park that second vehicle under your roof. That’s particularly nice in the winter. Your vehicles will no longer require ice and snow removal, plus they’ll start easier on extremely cold mornings (especially if your garage is heated).


black Mercedes on a car lift in a single car garage


3. Off-season garage storage for your prized vehicle

Canadian winters clearly don’t provide ideal weather conditions for operating classic cars or high-end sports cars. Car enthusiasts with limited garage storage space can use a car lift to store their prized vehicle until the warmer weather arrives. This saves you the costly expense of yearly fees for keeping your cherished vehicle in an off-site storage facility.


4. Vehicle maintenance is much easier

If you’re the type who enjoys being hands-on with your vehicle’s care, then you’ll appreciate the versatility of a car lift. Maintenance and repairs on the underside of your vehicle are much easier with the excellent accessibility afforded by a car lift.

If you’re planning to work underneath your vehicle, make sure to purchase a car lift that’s been certified by the ANSI. This ensures your safety.


5. A car lift isn’t just for cars

While they’re called “car lifts”, these useful mechanisms can store much more than just sedans. Car lifts with the proper weight capacity can hold larger vehicles like SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. They can even be used to store motorcycles and your lawn machinery or snowblower during their off-seasons.

Consider the many benefits of adding a space-saving car lift to your garage. If you think a car lift is right for your garage storage needs, schedule a free consultation with us.

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