Car Lifts: The Latest in Garage Luxury

Luxury condos in Manhattan have them. The gleaming glass malls of Dubai have them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one, either. Car lifts are the latest trend in garage luxury…and these days, you don’t have to be social royalty to own one. An increasing number of homeowners are installing car lifts in their family garage. These “elevators” are your best bet when it comes to added convenience within limited garage space.

Let’s say your family owns two cars, but your garage can only hold one. Instead of forcing one car to park outside at all times, a car lift can allow for both vehicles to be stored indoors. This is particularly helpful during the winter months when you want to protect all your cars from the elements.

Garage Living can provide professional assistance with the design and installation of your car lift. But there are some important considerations to make before getting one of these for your garage.

Will you own more cars in the future? 

As mentioned earlier, a car lift is an excellent option for individuals and families who own more than one vehicle — because it is much cheaper than building an additional garage. But consider whether you’ll be purchasing any new cars in the future.  If you plan on adding more vehicles to your current roster, it may be cheaper to have several lifts installed at once — rather than getting them put in piecemeal.

Car Lift

Do you want a two-post or a four-post lift?

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics involved in a car lift. Four-post lifts typically have higher weight capacities than two-post ones. The former is typically a lot more user-friendly due to its “drive-on” design. However, four-post lifts usually require the homeowner to anchor the unit to the floor. This can sometimes cause damage to the garage.

But all that being said, a four-post lift is usually more expensive than its two-post companion.  The main advantage however of a two-post lift is that it takes up less space. So if space is at a premium, you may want to opt for a two-post design instead.

Two Post Lift

What safety features are important to you?

Modern-day car lifts come with a variety of safety features to protect users from accidents and injury. Manufacturers are especially careful to incorporate the best in safety features for domestic car lifts as most household users are not experts in car mechanics and its devices.  Safety options include lift stabilization to prevent the vehicles from toppling over and hydraulic flow controls. Pay a little extra and you can get a car lift with anti-pinch mechanisms and many other valuable features. Be sure to research the safety inclusions of all lifts thoroughly before committing to one.

Does the lift have a good warranty?

Like all electronic devices, car lifts are not immune to defects and breakage. Check that the manufacturer has a good warranty that protects your investment over the long-run. While a high-quality car lift should come free of damage, it may eventually require repair due to accidents or standard wear-and-tear. You want to make sure that you’re not slapped with the bill for replacement parts and expensive labour. Be willing to pay a little extra for an extended warranty, which will bring you that added peace of mind.

Does the device meet Canadian standards?

When shopping around for a car lift, you may come across some foreign-made models that are cheaper than their North American counterparts. Never take chances when purchasing a heavy-duty device like a car lift. Even though the foreign model may be a lot cheaper, the price difference may be due to parts that are of lesser quality. Instead, opt for a car lift made by a Canadian manufacturer — as this will ensure that the product meets our country’s high safety standards. This does not mean you need to purchase the most expensive device on the market. You should be able to find a qualified lift at a cost that’s reasonable to you.

If after reviewing the above considerations you still feel that a car lift is your best option, seek out a qualified professional to get the process going. Garage Living can guide you through the entire process. From design planning to installation, our company can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your garage!


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