Car Lifts: The Latest in Garage Luxury

luxury garage car lift

Luxury condos in Manhattan have them. The gleaming glass malls of Dubai have them, too. But you don’t have to be social royalty to own one of the latest trends in garage luxury – a car lift.

A luxury garage car lift can be found in more homes than ever before and it’s not surprising why.

These practical “car elevators” are your best bet when it comes to parking more vehicles within a limited garage space. It doesn’t hurt that they’re cost-effective as well.

How a luxury garage car lift works

The way a car lift works is fairly simple. Let’s say your family owns two cars, but your garage can only hold one. Instead of forcing one car to always be parked outside, adding a car lift instantly doubles your garage’s parking space.

This is because one car can be parked onto the car lift platform and raised in the air, allowing a second vehicle to be parked below it. 

It’s that easy.

Adding multiple car lifts to a larger garage is also practical if several members of your family have their own cars or if you’re a luxury car collector.

Note that a garage needs a minimum ceiling height of approximately 10 feet to accommodate a car lift. The way your garage doors open also needs to be considered. Garage doors that are opening at too low a height to fit a car lift can have a high lift conversion done to fix the issue.

black Porsche on 4 post car lift in home garage

Car lifts are a cost-effective solution to increase your home parking space and easy to use.

4 benefits of luxury garage car lifts

There are a few benefits of adding one or more car lifts to a luxury garage (or any garage, for that matter):

  1. Convenience: if your luxury garage has a collection of luxury vehicles to accompany it, a few car lifts can keep all your prized vehicles under one roof. And even better, it’s under your own roof, which is ultra-convenient. 
  2. They’re cost-effective: investing in a high-quality car lift is more cost-effective than paying to store your cars offsite at a costly storage facility month after month. Increasing the available parking space in your existing garage is also less expensive than a garage expansion project.   
  3. Protecting your investments: expensive vehicles are always safer when they’re parked inside a locked garage instead of in the driveway or on the street. They’re also protected from the elements, which can add a few years to their lives.
  4. Added visual appeal: a luxury garage looks nice on its own, but add one or two car lifts to it with some beautiful cars parked on them and now the garage has even more visual appeal. Luxury vehicle storage car lifts give your garage a professional look that even your auto enthusiast friends will be impressed by!

Planning for the future with your car collection

Most collectors usually like to keep adding to their collection of whatever it is they have a passion for. After all, that’s what makes them collectors!

A serious auto collector has no shortage of beautiful cars to choose from and many would probably own hundreds of vehicles without the constraints of a budget or having enough storage space for their latest additions.   

If you have a large garage and are planning to have one or two car lifts installed soon, consider whether you’ll be purchasing any new cars in the future.

It may be cheaper and more convenient to have several lifts installed at once rather than getting them put in one at a time whenever a new car is purchased.

luxury cars on car lifts

Car lifts are a must-have for serious car collectors with a luxury garage. It’s far more convenient to have your collection under one roof in your own home instead of having to keep some cars in an offsite storage facility.

Differences between 2 post and 4 post car lifts

If you’re looking to buy a car lift, 2 post car lifts and 4 post car lifts will be the two options you have to choose from. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics involved with them.

4 post car lifts typically have higher weight capacities than 2 post lifts and are a lot more user-friendly due to their “drive-on” design. With 2 post car lifts, you have to align support arms underneath the vehicle to lift it.

Most 4 post car lifts require the unit to be anchored to the floor, as do some 2 post car lift models. 4 post car lifts do have a larger footprint in the garage because they naturally have twice as many posts. Keep that in mind if space is at a premium in your garage.

Car lift safety features

Modern-day car lifts come with a variety of safety features to protect users from accidents and injury. Reputable manufacturers are especially careful to incorporate the best safety features in car lifts sold for domestic use.

Safety options include lift stabilization to prevent the vehicles from toppling over and hydraulic flow controls. Pay a little extra and you can get a car lift with anti-pinch mechanisms and many other convenient features.

Be sure to thoroughly research the safety features of any car lift models you’re considering before committing to one.

Don’t cut corners when buying a car lift

When shopping around for a car lift, you may come across some foreign-made models that are noticeably cheaper than their North American-made counterparts. Never take chances and cut corners when purchasing a heavy-duty device like a car lift.

Even though the foreign models may be less expensive, the price difference may be due to parts and craftsmanship that are of a much lesser quality.

Always opt for a car lift made by a trusted manufacturer from the U.S. or Canada. Make sure whichever model you buy is ALI Certified. The Automotive Lift Institute ensures car lift models manufactured in the U.S. and Canada meet their high safety and performance standards.

black Porsche parked in garage

Invest in a high-quality car lift that will operate safely, perform reliably, and comes with a good warranty.

Buy a car lift with a good warranty

Like all electronic devices, car lifts are not immune to defects and breakage. Check that the manufacturer has a good warranty that protects your investment over the long run.

This is one area where you need to pay attention to the fine print if you’re buying a less expensive car lift. Less reputable car lift manufacturers may have flimsy warranties that don’t last long and have very limited coverage compared to more reputable manufacturers.

If you’d like some extra peace of mind, be willing to pay a little more for an extended warranty.

Add a luxury garage car lift to your home

Garage Living are experts at transforming unfinished garages into luxury home spaces. 

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