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While the Garage Living websites offers a thorough explanation of the services and products that are offered, nothing compares to seeing our products actually put together in our showroom! The showroom provides present and potential clients the ability to walk through seven custom designed garages that offers a look at the various options and how they can be utilized. Perhaps your garage is so unorganized it is difficult to imagine it any other condition. This is how our showroom helps people to see beyond the clutter and take a look at what their garage could look like with the help of Garage Living.

The great thing about walking through the showroom is that you can witness first-hand how the organization options can offer the most storage and space saving placement. If you are not a natural organizer, this would be a great opportunity for you to see how storage can be placed throughout your garage to open up as much space as possible. While there are certainly options for you to choose from to specially design your garage, it can be really helpful to see mock representations of what your garage could be.

The showroom also provides a look at how cabinetry and flooring can really give your garage a polished look. Beautiful cabinetry that works for both cosmetic and storage purposes can really make your garage look like it is actually an important part of your home.  Flooring is essential because it can mean the difference between your garage looking perfect or in need of a revamp.  At Garage Living we understand the importance of seeing how everything can fit together to provide you with a neat and tidy garage that looks so good you actually want to leave your garage door open!

The showroom also gives clients a chance to discuss options that they like or have more questions about. Maybe you see something that you want in a different size or shape.  Perhaps you aren’t sure if your garage ceiling can support certain cabinets or storage units. Our Garage Experts are there to discuss with you every option available to make your garage as unique as you are. You should feel free to discuss anything that you have concerns about because our experts are more than willing to guide you in the direction to having a completely organization garage.  There are many ways to customize your garage and our showroom works as a model for you to utilize to inspire ideas. It is amazing how seeing a model can really spark creativity with saving space and making the most of storage.

The seven garages that we have available in our showroom include the most popular choices for cabinetry, storage, and flooring. Garage Living invites all clients-past, present, and future to come down and walk through the showroom to give you a solid idea of the services and products we offer and how they can best be utilized to create the perfectly organized garage for you.

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