Which Custom Cabinetry Is Right for Your Garage?

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One of the things you love most about your garage is the opportunity to find safe, alternative storage for the items that don’t need to be kept inside your home.

But if you don’t keep up with the storage, it’s also very easy for your space to resemble a permanent garage sale.


Keeping your garage organized is easy with the many options Garage Living offers. For the walls, slatwall panels with hanging accessories helps you organize a lot the clutter.

What about for the rest of your things that aren’t ideal for hanging? And how can you utilize your storage to also give your garage a little more style?


Custom garage cabinetry is the solution if you value the following four things:


1. Design flexibility

Modular and custom cabinetry allows you to fit the cabinetry to your space, not the other way around. Build the perfect cabinetry system based on your room, needs, and budget.



2. Durability

If they’re going to live in the garage, your cabinets need to be durable. Custom cabinetry delivers on this front.

Aluminum or steel custom cabinets are especially popular with garage owners who want the functionality of traditional cabinets and the sustainability provided by these heavier-grade materials.



3. Functionality

Garage Living’s line of cabinets can be chosen to fit your functionality needs. If you want lockable tool drawers and large sports equipment lockers, we can accommodate your needs.

If you’re looking to set up a garage workspace that will get heavy use, one of our heavier-duty cabinet lines like the GL Rally model can be tailored for your garage space.

Our cabinets offer full extension glides and all components are powder coated and feature welded steel construction with magnetic door latches.

Custom Steel2


4. Sleek appearance

If you want to update your garage’s appearance with a modern, stylish aesthetic, custom cabinets offer the kind of professional look your garage deserves.

Outfit your garage with high-quality cabinetry and you’ll enjoy the refined look and functionality they provide for years!


To learn more about the custom cabinet options that Garage Living has available, schedule a free design consultation with us or visit your local Garage Living showroom.

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