What’s the Difference Between Garage Floor Tiles and Coating?

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Garage floors need to be durable and tough but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to bare concrete. In fact, there are several options to improve the aesthetics of your space. An attractive garage floor is a good idea for two main reasons: First, it transforms an otherwise limited space into a truly functional extra room. Second, it will increase the resale value of your home.

Difference between Garage Floor Tile & Coating

Paint or epoxy coating?

A quick and cheap garage floor option and manageable DIY project, painting the garage floor can allow you to get very creative as long as you prepare properly. The existing floor will need to be in good condition and your paint will need to be carefully chosen in order to ensure it stands up well to wear and tear.

There are three main options that can be used to paint the floor:

1. Latex acrylic: Standard floor paint is the least expensive option but will only be suitable for garages that are used only for storage as they have low durability and will not stand up to having a car drive in and out of the garage frequently. On the plus side, they are available in many colors as well as matte, satin, and glossy finishes.

2. One-part epoxy paint: A step up from latex acrylic paint, epoxy paint is better suited to a garage used to actually park a car. Tougher, stain and peel resistant, some brands will even include UV resistant qualities to prevent fading in sunlight.

3. 2-part epoxy garage floor coating kit: These kits will provide a 2-3mm tough protective covering that will protect your floor from most types of stains without sacrificing any of the durability of your concrete floor.


Garage floor tiles

There are two main types of tiles that can be used in the garage:

1. Porcelain tiles: Frequently used by car showrooms, porcelain tiles are strong and highly attractive and can be a good DIY project. Because they can be slippery when wet, they may not be appropriate for a damp garage and may be cracked if you drop heavy tools. To prevent slipping, be sure that you choose a matte surface with some texture.

2. Plastic or PVC interlocking tiles: Easy to install and inexpensive, these tiles look great and give homeowners the freedom to create your own style. Invest in a high quality product for a unique, aesthetically pleasing, and durable floor that lasts.

Shown here, Garage Living PVC interlocking tiles which snap together in a breeze. A pearl silver tile with a metallic look is in the centre area with a slate coloured boarder. This product easily installs without adhesives or mortar. The flooring features an anti-tripping transition strip for perimeters.

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