What’s New in BMW’s 2014 Lineup

Car aficionados get excited as the end of the calendar year approaches. Car dealers begin the Labour Day and other end-of-the-year sales in order to make room for new inventory. Oftentimes, this new inventory includes new models or perhaps even new packages to existing models.

Auto manufacturers want their new models to be even better than those of previous years. One car maker that focuses on innovation, looks and quality is BMW. BMW is a renowned luxury brand that appeals to many people. BMW has some exciting changes for 2014 that may garner even more fans for the company.

The New Series

BMW 4 Series CoupeThe current BMW lineup includes a plethora of models from the 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 series. For 2014, BMW has decided to bring on a new addition to the family: the 4 Series. But despite its name, the 4 series is not a bunch of cars with multiple model names. It’s one car – a coupe – called the BMW 4 Series. This new model is part of BMW’s idea to stick with odd numbers for sedans and even numbers for coupes.

The 4 Series has garnered much attention from BMW aficionados because of its low center of gravity and sleek styling. It replaces the 3 Series coupe, but for the better. It’s larger in size but without the bulk. It’s 1.7 inches wider but made of lightweight aluminum parts. It looks more like a sports car; in fact, convertibles and Gran Sport models are possible on the way.

New Package

BMW M6BMW’s sporty M6 model will come with a Competition package for 2014. This package will include a 575 horsepower engine for even quicker acceleration. It also comes with improvements to the chassis by retuning shocks and springs. It will also be lowered and have increased agility and precision through its revamped power steering.



The BMW X5 SUV will include a new model: the sDrive35i. This will be the first SUV from BMW to feature rear wheel drive. The others offer all-wheel drive. The sDrive35i includes a 3.0 liter V6 engine with 300 horsepower.

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