Upgrade Your Garage With Floortex Floor Coating

Who says a garage can’t be stylish? Homeowners spend time and effort embellishing the interior of their home to make it beautiful, functional and welcoming. Garages are now being transformed from neglected, dingy, cluttered areas, into sleek and stylish spaces of the home providing a welcoming feeling, customized with creative solutions to maximize functionality.

One of the prime ways to upgrade a garage is by improving its flooring. Garage Living, an industry leader that specializes in transforming garage spaces, recognizes that flooring has been a main component for many past projects. Their teams of professionally trained designers trust the Floortex™ Coating system to bring long-lasting style to any garage.

Custom Steel
There are 12 Floortex™ Coating colors to choose from. Shown here is “Pebble Beach” with a soft tan/grey mix.

The Garage Living Floortex™ Coating system is a 5-step application process that includes diamond grinding, crack and chip repair, a basecoat, a decorative layer and then sealed with a clear durable topcoat.

The typical garage floor is concrete, which is notorious for quickly becoming dirty and dusty. And because concrete tends to look dull and uninviting, it’s no surprise that the material can diminish the appearance of one’s garage. In the past, people have covered up their concrete flooring with paint. This, however, proved to be an unsustainable solution as the paint chipped and would have to be frequently maintained. Floortex™ Coating is both a stylish and durable, and it even beats newer, more sophisticated flooring options like epoxies and urethanes.

“Floortex™ Floor Coating has been by far one of the most impactful garage upgrades a homeowner can make,” stated Garage Living owner Aaron Cash.

Here are just a handful of Floortex™ Coating benefits:


When it comes to appearance, most people recognize that Floortex™ Coating is a much better alternative to concrete. Thanks to the 12 different beautiful colours available, ranging from charcoal to khaki, Floortex™ Coating also stands strong against alternative flooring options in the industry today. Each colour option features natural hues and colour combinations to be both trendy and timeless, as well as a textured appearance for a visually stunning look. Floortex™ Coating easily coordinates with Garage Living cabinetry and other storage solutions.


The textured appearance of Floortex™ Coating does more than just enhance a garage’s style. It is also designed to hide dirt and make maintenance more manageable. When it comes time to clean, the smooth coating of Floortex™ Coating makes sweeping or mopping up dirt a breeze.


The five-step application of Floortex™ Coating is a tried and true process backed by a written warranty. Floortex™ features crack and chip repair, as well as a durable UV stable topcoat and shows a high resistance to salt stains, chemicals and abrasion.

Quick application

Remodelling of any kind is often disrupting, but upgrading a garage with Floortex™ Coating is quick and easy. The application typically takes one day and the garage floor is ready to use just 24 hours later.

Home value

Maintaining one’s home is essential to protecting and improving its value. Garages can affect home value as well. A simple change like a new floor can make a big impact on what a home is worth.

There’s no reason why a garage can’t be just as sophisticated and sleek as the rest of one’s home. View some of Garage Living’s spectacular projects in our Garage Makeover Photo Gallery. In just one day, Floortex™ Coating can transform your garage into a stylish space.


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