How to Transform Your Garage in Just a Few Days

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When you are a leader in a category, it also comes with the job of explaining what you do and how it all happens.

That is exactly what Garage Living communicates in our new Transform Your Garage video. “As a leader in garage makeovers, we must also lead in communicating the process and benefits”, said Aaron Cash, partner of Garage Living.

“Garage Living performs complete garage makeovers. There is so much potential in every garage space, large or small”, explains Linda Fiore Ceolin, Creative Director of Garage Living. “Our design consultants use a combination of creative design solutions, products, and services to make this all happen.”

The marketing challenge for Linda and her team was to show exactly what is involved in a Garage Living transformation in a quick, interesting, and entertaining way.

A 10 second animation was the answer. “We were able to animate the execution of a typical project. Everything we illustrated was demonstrated exactly as if our crews completed the project over the course of a couple days.”

The Garage Living experience

Garage Living design consultants visit your home, professionally measure your space, and provide a detailed design and comprehensive quotation.

Following some fine-tuning and collaboration with the client, we schedule the project installation over consecutive days (on average, 2-3 days). To begin the project, all contents in the garage are removed. Some items are purged and other items are donated. The items that are to be kept are stored in locked trailers onsite during the transformation.

Combinations of modular and custom solutions are used to make the most of our client’s garage space. This can include:

From the initial design consultation and design presentation though to the final installation, there are many moving parts, but this process is professionally managed by our team.

The before garage

Most garages are vastly underutilized. Garage Living sees homeowners using makeshift shelving that is often unsafe. We also see little sense of organization and the floor being used to store seasonal items, which leaves little or no room for parking a car.

The walls are bare and are most often used to lean items against. Most garages are not even primed and painted, if they’re drywalled at all! The garage lighting usually consists of a single incandescent bulb that is both easily broken and providing poor light coverage.

While most homeowners see an unfinished garage as a dreary, disorganized space, Garage Living sees this as a blank canvas!

Our vision, combined with efficient execution of our projects, is why we continue to create these dramatic transformations on a daily basis.

View our garage makeover gallery, which shows some of the incredible garage transformations we have performed.

The after garage

When the project is complete, the garage functions properly and enhances our clients’ lifestyle. Most importantly, the garage now does what it is intended to do, including :

  • storing seasonal items such as car tires and patio furniture
  • allowing for easier accessibility to things like tools, sports equipment, and car cleaning supplies
  • creating enough open floor space to park your vehicles

“The ongoing positive feedback and testimonials  from our customers reminds us that we are really making a difference in their lives,” says Garage Living owner Daniel Albo, who overseas installations and operations.

“We have a phenomenal team that performs so many tasks, from renovation services, flooring, cabinetry installations, and more to complete custom projects.”

We invite you to take advantage of your free design consultation offer that never expires to make the most of your garage space!

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