Tips for Storing Your Winter Items

Tips for storing your winter itemsSpring is finally here! Before you start jumping with joy and busting out your summer gear, knowing what to do with your winter clothing and items is important.

Don’t get lazy and simply throw them in the basement or out in the garage unprepared. It may be tempting to do exactly this, but remember that in a few months you will need to get them out again.

There are a few tips you can use to ensure everything stays organized and protected. For instance, it is not wise to put motorized equipment (e.g. snow blowers and snow mobiles) away without first making sure they are serviced and maintained.

Take the time to clean and inspect anything you intend on storing. As experts in garage organization, we at Garage Living know what it takes to keep a space organized and free from clutter. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring your winter gear stays in top notch shape for the summer.

How to store your winter gear

  • Organize the right way: make sure you have enough boxes available and don’t forget to label them. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours trying to find something (e.g. Christmas lights, winter coats, etc.). That being said, instead of stacking totes on top of one another, invest in an overhead storage system to free up space. This will give you plenty of room for entertaining in the summer vs. forcing you to wade through a mass of clutter and debris.
  • Give mechanical devices a tune-up: just because you’re putting the snow blower away for the summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change the oil. The same logic goes for maintaining lawn mowers and other summer gear in the winter. Failing to perform this simple task can cause the engine to potentially seize up, which is not something you want to have happen. In addition, thoroughly washing and drying this equipment will prevent corrosion caused by rust.
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and packing paper: to keep your decorative household items from breaking, never put them in a box or tote without first covering them up.
  • Be safe: if you have to stack boxes, make sure to put the lighter items on top. Also, remember to clearly mark which direction the box should be facing.
  • Keep your clothes clean with cedar or lavender: these chemicals are natural pest-deterrents and will keep your clothing fresh and keep rodents at bay.
  • Get rid of what you don’t need: spring is the perfect opportunity to go through unused items or clothes that don’t fit. Why not make some money while you’re at it by having a garage sale? Most people don’t realize just how much junk they acquire over the years, and this is what gets them into trouble when it comes to organizing.


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