Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door Rollers

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Gradually deteriorating garage doors are a nuisance, noisy, and awkward to open or close. Regular maintenance can help keep your garage door in good shape for years. The rollers are one of the most important spots to watch.

Keep things lubed

It’s sometimes observed that the biggest moving part in the home is the garage. And to keep moving parts in top shape, they should be sprayed routinely with lubricant. If you use your garage on a daily basis, the rollers are always under stress. A lube job once every year is usually enough for daily use.

Check whether your local hardware store has a product specifically designed for garage doors, but never use thick grease that will become a sticky mess.

Garage door specialists say that regular engine oil will suffice for the bearings. Drop the oil into the bearing as it rolls, allowing this motion to draw the oil into the mechanism.

Apply lubricant, but not excessively. Too much lube will become like a magnet for grime.

Keep it clean

If you do find that your rollers are becoming dirty, be sure to clear the dirt away to avoid gumming things up. For this, a non-corrosive cleaning solution and a cloth should suffice.

Wipe down all exposed surfaces of the wheel and roller mechanism, along with the entire track, which may also accumulate grime or hair.

Dirt will cause the bearings to break down, so keep your roller system clean to extend the life of your garage door. Excess oil and dirt will also produce an unpleasant sticky surface on the metal.

Keep it tight

Machinery that’s used regularly is likely to loosen over time. Take the time to check all nuts, bolts, and screws that hold the garage door together. This will ensure your door opens and closes crisply very time.

While you’re at it, check whether any of these parts are rusting. A rusted screw is more likely to become a problem the longer you leave it, because it’s likely to strip when you try to tighten or loosen it. The best idea is to replace the culprit right away.

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