Top 5 Garage Floor Design Trends

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Long gone are the days when a garage was considered the dark, drab area of one’s home.

Garages can now look polished and put-together – and having the right flooring is a big component in making that happen.

These five garage floor design trends can help you design a space that’s as attractive as it is functional.


1. Textured look and feel


Why would having a textured garage floor surface be desirable? Well, a textured appearance can add visual interest to the flooring.

Take one look at the photos on this page of the garages that received a Floortex™ floor coating application and you’ll agree that they look much nicer than your typically boring grey, cracked, and stained garage floor.

A textured walking surface also provides better traction than a completely smooth traditional cement garage floor, which comes in handy when the surface gets wet.


2. Neutral colors

Custom Steel

Natural shades like charcoal and khaki are versatile, ensuring they’ll complement the colors of vehicles you own now or will buy in the future.

Consider a shade of silver, brown, or a silver/black/white mix like our Charcoal floor coating color for your garage. You can also select a color based on how your garage cabinetry and slatwall looks.


3. Sleek styles


The rough look of concrete is out, and sleeker, more polished flooring is in. Give your garage a sophisticated touch with a floor coating that gleams.

A high-quality polyaspartic floor coating will maintain that shiny “new floor look” for years without the top coat fading or becoming yellow.

The decorative flakes used in the polyaspartic floor coating application process minimize the visibility of dirt as well.


4. Floor tile designs

If you favor a style that is contemporary, try interlocking floor tiles. Large black and white tiles are a great way to give your garage an interesting look. There are also additional colors to select from.

Floor tiles are another option to consider when you’re looking for a solution to keep your cement floor protected.


5. Eco-friendly coatings


Going green is a trend in all areas of design. Search for a floor coating that is environmentally friendly, such as Floortex™ floor coatings, to design a stylish garage the safe way.

Compared to epoxy floor coatings, Floortex™ emits an ultra-low level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs are chemical gases that get released over time from the materials used for a coating application (they’re also produced by many of the products in homes).

To spruce up your garage with any of these garage floor design trends, schedule a free consultation with us.

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