The History of the Home Garage

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In the last 90 years, the garage has changed the way we live. The converted carriage house has become an integral part of the home.

Approximately 80% of homes today have a garage. In the US, 17% of new homes (single-family dwelling) have a 3-car garage or more!

People aren’t using their garages for just storing vehicles anymore. The garage has evolved and become a multi-purpose space for storage, entrepreneurs, man caves, garage bands and home gyms.

According to an infographic from IFA Insurance company, more than 50% of homeowners want a garage that their neighbors envy.

Are you happy with your garage or do you have garage envy? Learn more about the history of the home garage below.

The History of the Garage Infographic

The garage has changed a lot over the past century. If your outdated garage space is in need of an expert’s touch to make it more suitable for modern living, schedule a free design consultation with Garage Living.

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