The Differences Between Rhino Floortex Coating and Standard Epoxies

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There is no question about it – garage floors suffer a considerable amount of wear and tear over the years. Even with a completely organized garage nothing is as distracting as a damaged floor. Don’t let your efforts of organizing your garage go to waste just because of some flooring damage! There are several options when it comes to garage coating to protect and repair floors, but there is one product on the market that is a step above the rest. While many coating options may promise to produce excellent results, Rhino Floortex Coating is the real deal.

Rhino Floortex Coating is the top of the line option that not only makes garage flooring look great, but it provides the most durability that is second to none. The guarantee that comes with using Rhino Floortex Coating is not offered by other standard epoxies because no other coating does what this product can. Not only is this coating guaranteed to not flake or peel, but it also tests resistant against any household chemicals such as grease or paint. Accidents happen, and you want to be sure that your flooring can resist spills and leaks. Rhino Floortex coating is also UV resistant which indicates that the garage floor will not change colors over time. Finally, a product that will leave floors looking their best for a longer period of time.

There are many other perks when using this product rather than using other coating options. This coating provides a non-slip texture. This greatly reduces the chances of a serious accident. There is a chemical and abrasion resistance which decreases staining or floor scarring. This coating also provides a dust-free surface that is easy to clean. For those that have had to spend hours cleaning a garage floor, you know how valuable it is to have a coating that will assist in limiting the time it takes to clean flooring. Rhino Floortex Coating is a product designed to make your life easier!

People may assume that a durable coating such as Rhino Floortex would be a lengthy process that would take much longer than other standard coatings. The truth is, the coating is able to cure within only an hour. The entire process of applying Rhino Floortex Coating takes only a day to complete and you can be walking on your garage floors after only 24 hours! It is an easy application that leaves lasting results, there is not a better combination out there.

The difference in using Rhino Floortex Coating instead of any other coating option is that you are guaranteed to have a beautiful garage floor that will not only look fantastic, but will be long-lasting. This will greatly reduce the chances of having to do any more garage floor repair in the future. Crack, stains, and other imperfections cannot stand up against the highest grade of coating available to consumers. Rhino Floortex is the very best coating option available and it is sure to produce satisfactory results every time.

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