The Best Ways To Store Your Hockey Equipment in the Garage

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If you have kids who play hockey, you know better than anyone how hockey equipment can quickly cause clutter in the entryway or kids’ bedrooms.

Jerseys, knee pads, helmets, hockey sticks — how are you supposed to find room for it all?


One way to overcome this problem is to store hockey equipment in the garage instead. With the right organizational solutions in place, you can easily prevent hockey equipment from overtaking your home, and still maintain a clean, spacious garage.


Utilize wall space for hockey sticks

In your stylish house, you may have eye-catching wall art hung up to enhance the interior design. In the garage, however, it’s perfectly normal to see yard supplies and tools hung up on the walls in order to maximize space.

Use this same strategy to store your kids’ hockey sticks. Keeping equipment off the floor allows you to store your vehicles with ease.

hockey sticks


Let jerseys air dry properly with drying racks

Obviously, you’ll want to wash jerseys after practices and games, but it’s important to properly dry uniform materials as well.

To keep the uniforms in great condition, lay out jerseys and hockey pants on drying racks in the garage. Keeping uniforms in the garage, rather than the laundry room, ensures you have plenty of space to hang up your family’s everyday wardrobe items inside the home.


Install open cabinets to keep uniforms wrinkle-free

Stuffing uniforms in drawers and cramped spaces could cause them to get wrinkled or nor dry properly.

Instead, try hanging them in tall open storage cabinets. Even if the fabric is still a little damp once you move the uniforms from the drying rack to your cupboards, the open air will allow them to fully dry.


Consider cabinetry to keep gear organized

For the rest of your kids’ hockey gear, closed cabinetry is a great storage option. Closed drawers and cupboards keep equipment out of sight to maintain your garage’s organized and clean appearance.

Take advantage of your garage to keep hockey gear out of the home. These storage solutions can be incorporated into your design with a little help from Garage Living.

Upgrade your garage by scheduling a free design consultation with us.

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