How to Store out of Season Items in the Garage

Store out of season itemsSome people may say that Canada only has two seasons: winter and “not-winter”. Regardless of the season, the chances are that you’re not going to be using those pool noodles in December and you won’t be using those skis in July. So what do you do with that season items when you’re not using them?


Shelving is the obvious option and most people have some sort of shelving in their garage, whether it is a full-scale unit or a wall-hung shelf. But the question is: are you using your shelving effectively? Sometimes a shelf unit will take up valuable floor space, without offering much return, whereas putting up wall brackets can free up space for you to store larger, heavier items on the ground.

Overhead storage

The garage ceiling is often an untapped resource for space. Think about all the empty air that contains nothing but cobwebs and probably a garage door opener. Any good hardware store will sell large hooks that you can screw into the ceiling for you to store your bikes. Why not collect summer sports items, like bats and balls, put them in a net or bag and hang it from the ceiling? They are light enough and can easily be accessed by your kids.

Another simple solution is to use lengths of wire to store long and light items such as wrapping paper, pool noodles or ski poles. Simply run two (or more) lengths of wire or sturdy string one foot below the ceiling from wall to wall and slot in anything that you won’t be using for a while.

Easy access

Make life easier for yourself and label your boxes or bags. Make sure you know what goes where and even mark down on a shelf where certain items belong. This will make tidying up a lot easier and will help with the changing around of seasonal items.

Use clear plastic boxes so you can see what’s inside. If you don’t want to spend money on extra boxes, try taking pictures or making a list of the contents of the container and sticking it on the side.


Nobody likes patio cushions smelling of mildew and you certainly don’t want melted Christmas candles. Make sure you think ahead when storing your season things in your garage. Prevent mildew or mould by properly airing out and drying your pool toys, camping equipment or patio furniture before it goes away for the winter. Wrap anything that might be affected by the damp in plastic bags or in airtight boxes. You don’t want items to crack because of the fluctuating temperatures.


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