Specialized Services We Offer at Garage Living

At Garage Living, we offer a number of specialized services to our clients. While garage organization encapsulates what we do, there are many specific components of this that we like to stress to new customers. It is important to remember that every project is different and will require a unique design consultation to complete successfully. To make the process easier, we have setup a few custom garage themes in our showroom, as we have found these represent a bulk of our customers’ interests. Interestingly enough, many people don’t realize this until they get a view of the gallery. Our Sports Fan, Active Gardener, Auto Enthusiast and Bright & Clean Garage templates illustrate all of our specialized services.

For instance, customers can get a good view of what our car lifts look like in action by checking out our Auto Enthusiast theme. In addition, the wealth of storage products that we sell (racks, bins, overhead units, etc.) is sure to impress anyone simply looking for a way to clean up their existing space. We like to remind our clients that our templates are just in place to demonstrate what we can do. You can certainly get an exact replica for your garage, but you can also have a fully customized room that is unlike any other. This is what our design consultants encourage. Here is a breakdown of our services to help you get a better understanding of the Garage Living difference!

Garage Living Specialized Services

  • A free consultation by one of our trained staff
  • A custom-designed theme that is tailored to meet your specific wants and needs
  • Hassle-free installation by trained technicians
  • Many options for wall organization; when it comes to organizing a garage, the end goals are to maximize space and make all your tools and equipment easily accessible. At Garage Living, we know this means installing utilizing unused wall space to its full potential. From wall racks to storage containers to a range of hooks made to hold virtually any garage accessory, there is bound to be something for you.
  • Our specialized cabinetry options are very popular sellers; you can select from modular, tread plate, steel and aluminum cabinets that are wall-secured or free-standing. Our consultant will recommend an option that will work best with the given space.
  • There is no better way to get extra storage space than by installing an overhead storage system. Our custom systems are designed to hold over 600 lbs. and can dramatically increase your garage’s storage space. Overhead storage is ideal when you are working with limited space on the ground, or if you need to more room for vehicles and a workspace.
  • Our Rhino Floortex Coating and Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles are extremely durable and will last the life of your garage. These options are far cleaner and safer than concrete.
  • Need a lift for an automobile? No problem; we carry three types of machines that can support anything you need them to.

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