Reclaim Your Garage Floor Space With a Handy Slatwall System

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tools hanging on slatwall system

Is your garage too cluttered to park your car? A lack of enough garage floor space is a common problem, but it doesn’t have to be.

Garage floors tend to become storage places for yard equipment, bikes, ladders, tools, sports equipment, and other household items.

With a proper garage wall organization system, you could reclaim that valuable garage floor space for your vehicles and make it easier to find and access things when you need them.

A Garage Living slatwall system is the perfect organization solution.


What is a slatwall system?

Interlocking PVC slatwall panels are installed on your garage walls or other areas of your home to create a hanging storage and organization system.

The panels, which can go from wall to wall or occupy smaller wall sections, have grooves which allow you to affix shelves, hooks, and other storage accessories.


4 reasons a slatwall system is right for you

  1. You’ll reclaim your garage floor space. Getting things off the floor and onto the wall instantly maximizes your garage floor space. This makes your garage more organized and lets you comfortably park your vehicle inside. A slatwall system also allows you to keep your stored items elevated, so they’re less likely to be tripping hazards or get damaged from vehicles entering and exiting the garage.
two garden tools hanging on slatwall system hook
  1. Flexibility and functionality. A Garage Living slatwall system can be customized to your exact specifications. There are a variety of slatwall colors to choose from and more than 40 kinds of hanging storage accessories, meaning you’ll have plenty of design flexibility at your fingertips. You can also reconfigure your slatwall setup to make certain yard tools and items more accessible, depending on the season.
  1. Durability and sleek design. Slatwall’s strong and durable PVC construction will last for years and supports weights of up to 50 lbs. on each bracket. The system includes color-matched hardware and ends, as well as corners and divisions finished with matching molding. The sleek design of a slatwall system adds significant aesthetic appeal to your garage space, especially when combined with a stylish garage cabinetry system.
  1. Your vehicle will thank you. Being able to park your cars and trucks in a garage with reclaimed floor space has its benefits. You’ll be protecting your vehicle’s paint finish from the elements and extending its life. Vehicles parked inside are also significantly less vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Transform your garage with a handy slatwall system

Make more efficient use of your garage for storage. Outfit it with a versatile slatwall system that reclaims your floor space, helps you stay more organized, and improves your comfort level.

Schedule a free consultation with a Garage Living design professional today!

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