Not All Garage Floor Coatings Are Created Equal

Garage flooring is the most dramatic element of changing the garage from a dusty, dirty and dark space into a clean, bright and welcoming room. Only now, as this trend grows, is it becoming clear that not all garage floor coatings are created equal.

Some floors only last for months

Only the test of time has shown some products to be inferior. When first installed, people often find their finished garage floor looks attractive and clean, regardless of product or method of installation. But after just a couple of months, many of these garage floors begin to fail, becoming worn-looking, pitted, blistered and stained—and no longer the attractive garage floor they thought they had installed. This disappointment could have all been avoided if only they had known the difference prior to making their decision.

Garage flooring considerations

“There are a number of points to consider before making a decision about the type of garage flooring you want to install,” says Aaron Cash, co-founder of Garage Living. “First of all, it’s important to consider the type of product being installed. Epoxies, both water and solvent based have been traditionally used in warehouses and commercial or industrial applications and while they are incredibly durable indoors, they often fail in garage environments where the temperature drastically fluctuates throughout the year.”

Epoxy floors tarnish

Epoxies by nature are not UV stable and as a result will tarnish or change colour from direct or indirect sun light. Most professional coating companies do not warrantee epoxy coatings beyond 2-3 years despite proper preparation of the concrete before the coating is applied to the floor.”

Do-it-yourself disaster

Do-it-yourself kits of garage floor coating are much less expensive than professional installed coatings, but are never supported by any warranty and provide very little direction to ensure proper installation. And since the average home owner does not have access to proper equipment or the expertise that is required to prepare the concrete before the coating is applied, the quality of the work is subpar and unsatisfactory. In such cases, it is common for professionals to be called in to remove these failed coatings.


Rhino polyaspartic floor coating

“Our Rhino polyaspartic floor coating is unlike regular epoxies, and is Ontario’s only one-day floor coating solution with a ten-year warranty,” says Aaron Cash. “Rhino is guaranteed to be far superior to regular epoxies or polymer based coatings in terms of durability, longevity, application time and safety. There’s also no odour or mess during or after the garage installation, ensuring a safe and clean installation for your family, and it can even cover concrete side walls and entrance steps to the house.” Garage Living uses industrial planetary diamond grinding equipment with a self contained dust collection system. This preparation ensures the coating adheres to the substrate.

Quality floor coating, properly installed, should protect the garage floor from corrosion and make it easy to keep the floor clean and visually appealing for many years.

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