Must-Have Items for Cleaning Your Garage This Summer

Must have items for cleaning your garage this summerCleaning is never fun, but the results of doing so are always rewarding. Watching a space take shape right before your eyes can be very inspiring; after all, it has been said that organized people tend to be more successful.

With that in mind, the weather is now suitable for taking these efforts outside. Spring is the one time of year when homeowners tend to get a sudden rush for getting their houses back in place.

Maybe it’s the thought of just being able to enjoy the warm weather again and breathe fresh air without having to worry about the chill of snow and ice, or maybe it’s the moment of satisfaction most of us get when we break free from our cabin fever.

Just like New Year’s resolutions, however, the spring cleaning mindset can quickly be hampered by a lack of motivation.

Many people are willing and able to take on a monumental task such as cleaning a cluttered garage (believe us, this is no easy job), but the moment they open the door and see what they’re really getting into, this fiery excitement burns out.

To maintain your inspiration and to make sure you see the job through to the end, being properly prepared for the task at hand in advance is crucial. Having the equipment needed to clean a garage will help speed up the process and thus keep you from giving up mid-way.

Essential garage cleaning tools

  • A garbage bin – if you want to clean your garage the right way, be prepared to throw out the old junk. Nip the hoarding mentality in the bud by having a container available for tossing what you don’t need. Chances are your standard garbage bin won’t do the trick. Consider renting a dumpster or buying a fold-up bag (we recommend The Bagster from Waste Management for larger jobs).
  • Shelving – be prepared to be amazed (or something to that effect). Installing shelving systems in your garage can dramatically improve the amount of available space. Keeping tools and materials in designated areas will also help you find what you need quicker later on. At Garage Living, we have a wealth of products in stock for this purpose. Feel free to browse our online catalog to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Overhead storage – for boxes and totes that can’t be put on the wall, this is a must-have. Everything on the ground can be easily tucked away out of sight with a quality overhead storage system. Think about it, you have just as much space above ground as you do on the floor, but you aren’t going to be parking your vehicles up high. It just makes sense to install these!
  • Gloves, a heavy-duty broom, a shop-vac and a respirator mask – be smart and be safe. Unfinished garages are virtual breeding grounds for dirt, dust and other harmful contaminants. A quality set of gloves will prevent injuries, as will a respirator mask (definitely if you have asthma). To top it off, nothing is better than cleaning with a good old-fashioned broom and vacuum.


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