4 Storage Options That Will Maximize Your Garage Space

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No matter how large your garage is, you could always use a little more room. If renovations are not in your immediate plans, the right storage options can help you maximize your space and make your garage feel bigger than it ever has before. Here are 4 storage options you can incorporate into your garage to find the room you need.



Garage cabinetry

Do you have a lot of little pieces or tools lying around? Installing a quality cabinetry system does just the trick. Modular or custom-fitted cabinets are ideal options for DIY car mechanics but they can also be used to store any smaller items you keep in your garage. This clears up space and prevents items from being lost.



Wall organizers

Garage Living focuses on 4 major surfaces: 3 major walls (this excludes the garage doors) and the ceiling leaving. The goal is to keep the floor free and clear. Wall organizers are a great way to incorporate your sidewalls into your storage plans. You can use a wall organizer to hang longer items like tools or seasonal items like sporting goods equipment. Wall bins are perfect for footballs to soccer balls, shoes and more. By clearing the floor, you will have be able to park cars easily and enter and exit your car without bumping into items.



Overhead storage options

Don’t forget the ceiling. Overhead storage options can hang directly from the ceiling, allowing for the easy storage of seasonal items that you use less frequently freeing up  prime space for everyday use.

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Get creative

When it comes to garage-storage possibilities, your only limit is your imagination. Turn one parking space into two with a car lift, mount hooks to your walls or ceiling to hang bikes, and use of the many specialty slat wall accessories such as tilt out drawers for nails and screws; there’s an answer for any storage challenge.

Your garage space can be so much more efficient than just its floor square footage. By employing the proper storage techniques, you can recreate your garage to match your lifestyle and still have a little room leftover.

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