Stay Accident-Free This Winter by Parking in the Garage

Winter mornings are frustrating when you discover your vehicle covered in snow and have no time to clean it before leaving for work. Parking the car in the garage would have prevented this.

Whenever severe snow conditions exist, a decision is required that directly impacts safety. In order to get to work or school on time, does one leave with a snow covered vehicle or take the time to scrape it off and risk being late?

“Decisions such as these wouldn’t be necessary had the car been parked in the garage,” says Aaron Cash, founder of Garage Living. “Unfortunately, many garages with their endless supply of clutter have become the home’s abyss—a dark hole that has sucked in just about every piece of junk or unwanted item; except the car.”

While there are legal requirements that surround a driver’s visibility, still hundreds of people drive off in the morning without having cleaned off their windows—this puts them and others at risk. The other solution, while the better choice, has its own temptation—taking the time to scrape off the ice and snow puts one behind schedule, and as a result, there is a temptation to rush and drive faster than the conditions allow.

“Over the past several years, I’ve observed firsthand how an attractive, uncluttered, organized garage provides a homeowner with benefits that enhance their lifestyle, and accident prevention is just one more benefit to add to the list,” says Aaron Cash. “Simply by installing wall organization systems that efficiently use the wall space, all clutter can be removed from the garage floor, organized and then neatly stored, while leaving room to park the family car.”

Being able to drive a car right out from the protected shelter of a garage not only saves time, but because the windows are free and clear of ice and snow, increases a driver’s visibility, thus enhancing safety.

“Parking the car in the garage during winter does result in salt infused slush and snow to melt on the garage floor,” says Aaron. “However, installing a floor covering, such as our Rhino Floor Coating, protects the garage floor from corrosion and makes it easy to keep the floor clean and visually appealing all winter long.”

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