Keep Everyone Safe With These Garage Safety Tips

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Your garage is your workshop, as well as your storage area for tools, sports equipment, and everything you need for your car.

While the space is essential to your home, many of the items found here can be dangerous if used incorrectly or if they fall into the hands of small children. That’s why you need a safety plan for the garage.

Employ these safety tips and everyone will have a safe, enjoyable time in your garage.


Say no to “leaners”. After a long day of chores, it can be tempting to just lean that ladder, rake, or shovel against the garage wall and head inside. Don’t do it. Leaning items like these against the wall creates the potential that they could fall over on a child. Instead, take a few extra moments to store them properly on slatwall and eliminate the risk.

Mark the stairs. A third of all garage injuries are caused by slips and falls, and many of these accidents involve the stairs. Mark your stairs with white reflective tape, keep them clutter-free, and install a hand rail.


Keep chemicals contained. The garage is the perfect place to store chemicals like pesticides, antifreeze, and paint, but these chemicals can be dangerous and even fatal if consumed by small children. Keep your extra chemicals locked up in a storage cabinet or stored up high where they will remain out of reach of small hands.

Avoid flammable floor coverings. If you’re tired of the feel of cold concrete in your garage, you may have added a rug or tarp to your garage floor.

These options may be more comfortable, but they also have the potential to hide fallen tools or nails or get too wet or dirty. Additionally, they become a fire risk due to leaking fuels and other flammable liquids.

Seal your floor with a Floortex™ floor coating that looks attractive, is easy to maintain, and makes your garage flooring a little safer.


Let there be adequate light. Garages are not known for their lighting options. Given that this is the space where you will be using tools and chemicals, improving the room’s lighting is a wise investment.

Research lighting options in your garage. If no structural elements present themselves, hang track lighting or install adjustable lights around work areas or stairs. The better you can see, the safer you will be.

It’s your project space and that makes your garage one of the most enjoyable areas in your home. Employ these tips and it will be one of the safest as well.

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