How To Store and Dispose of Old Paint Cans

After adding a fresh coat of paint to your home, what do you do with the leftover paint cans? Storing unused paint in the garage or other areas prone to extreme temperature changes can ruin it. Throwing old paint cans in the garbage obviously isn’t environmentally friendly.

Read on for tips that will help you safely store and get rid of old paint cans, as well as free up space in your garage!

empty paint cans in garage

The basement is best

Old paint cans should be stored inside the home, where the temperature stays consistent and the air is relatively dry. The basement is usually a safe choice, preferably in an infrequently used area. Basement paint can storage also has the benefits of leaving more space in your garage and your vehicles and tools safe from potential spills.

How about mason jar paint storage?

Messy old paint cans tend to diminish your space’s style, so why not try mason jars instead? Filling large mason jars with old paint makes storage easier and cleaner, plus they take up less storage space. Those clear jars will also be filled with colors that complement your freshly painted interior, meaning you can store them on open shelves without worry.

Proper eco-friendly paint disposal

If you want to dispose of your leftover paint, certain guidelines need to be followed. The easiest solution is to check with your local home improvement retailer which often provides free paint disposal.

Otherwise, your leftover oil-based and latex paint should be brought to your local hazardous waste disposal or recycling facility. Remember to never combine oil-based paints together or with other hazardous materials.


Donate your old paint cans or get crafting!

Some schools and community organizations will accept donated leftover paint for their own use. Or you could get crafting and use your old paint on an art or DIY project. Both solutions ensure your leftover paint doesn’t go to waste and also doesn’t unnecessarily tax your municipality’s disposal and recycling resources.

Old paint cans don’t need to be a space-occupying eyesore. Start using these storage and disposal tips to help you deal with your old paint and create more space in your garage.

If you’ve been able to free up room in the garage by getting rid of your old paint cans, talk to us about our solutions for making the most of your garage storage space. Schedule a free design consultation today.

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