How to Prepare Your Garage for the Winter

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The garage is the ideal storage space for outdoor equipment and sports gear. As you transition from season to season, you can reorganize the space to optimize for the time of year.

Garage Winter Proofing

Although people like Garage Living can convert your space to have plenty of storage for your items year-round, you may find that you’re collecting outdoor items faster than you can house them!

For those in need of alternative winter storage ideas, here are some tips you need to consider before the winter months are upon us:


Swapping Your Winter Items for Summer Items

It’s time to bring your gardening tools from the yard into the garage and roll out your winter equipment. When you take out the covers you use to protect your BBQ and patio furniture from snow, you’ll be making room for:

  • garden hoses
  • sprinklers
  • lawnmowers
  • inflatable pools
  • patio umbrellas

Wall Storage Is Perfect for the Garage

Moving your possessions up from the floor keeps your things cleaner than they would be on the ground. It also creates space for walking, and reduces tripping hazards. Organization and storage is much simpler to start and easier to keep up once you have hooks and cabinets lining the walls.

To prevent snowboards, skis, and ski poles from sliding all over the place, install racks to hang your sports equipment. You’ll be able to access your belongings with ease, and protect them from damage.


Staying Warm in the Winter

Consider using your garage space through the winter months. Install a heating unit, insulate the space and add weather stripping between doors and door jambs to stay warm.


Taking Care of the Garage Door

Lubricate all metal moving parts with a silicon-based material while avoiding the plastic pieces. The lubricant often comes conveniently as a spray, so you can cover specific areas with a cloth to keep it grease-free. Also, remove ice or other debris to prevent buildup of a block. When the path along the track is free from ice, open and close the garage door to keep the moving parts in alignment.

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