How to Double the Parking Space in Your Garage

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Most households today have two cars and are even equipped with double parking spaces in their garage. The problem is garages quickly become catch-all locations for bicycles, trash cans, holiday decorations and other things people collect throughout their lives.

This can make a garage seem smaller and may force homeowners to consider extreme possibilities to create more space. Sometimes people consider it easier to just build an addition to increase their double parking space, but this is an extreme measure that is not the only option available to save space.

The very first thing a person should do when wanting to increase garage parking space is to go through their belongings to see what could possibly be eliminated. Often, garages become havens for things that people rarely or never use. This would be a great opportunity to have a yard sale or to donate items to a charity in the community.

Of course, just clearing out some items is probably not going to be enough space to utilize double parking. After the garage becomes cleared of unnecessary items, it is time to weigh options for storage. This will create a way for items to be removed from the floor and provide a fresh and organized look.

Wall organizers are great because they get everything off the floor and visible for an easy find in the future. The options can be a large panel installation or smaller panels depending on what items are needed to be housed on the wall organizer. This is a great option for someone who has several tools that are taking up unnecessary space on the garage floor.

One of the most cost effective and space-saving techniques for a person looking to increase their parking space in their garage is overhead storage. Overhead storage allows people to elevate their belongings so that they are stowed away in racks.

These storage units are available to be customized based on garage ceiling height as we all personal preferences. There are even specialty overhead storage units available that can store larger items that take up large portions of the garage floor. Some items that may be included in this specialty design are: bicycles, large trash cans, recycling units, and much more! Options for size and shape are available to suit any garage imaginable.

While building an addition may seem like a tempting solution to space problems, there are many less expensive ways to reach space goals for your garage. The options for increasing the space for double parking in a garage are not limited to building a costly addition. An addition may save some space, but will cost a fortune and will not eliminate the problems associated with a messy garage.

In fact, investing in overhead storage or a wall organizer will not only be less expensive but will fix the problem of a having a cluttered garage. Organization is the number one goal when considering ways to increase parking space in a garage.

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