How the Right Garage Plan Can Create the Space of Your Dreams

You drive into your garage every night and you find yourself wishing the space was something more. “More” is different for everyone but what is “more” to you? Is it a clean, brightly lit space with quality flooring? What about a space that naturally showcases your prized car? Or, is it the perfect storage space for your hobbies and sporting activities? Your garage could be any of those things; you just need to know how to get there. You need a garage plan.

Garage Living can help. As Toronto’s largest custom garage flooring and organization company, we’re dedicated to helping people realize everything their garage can be and it all starts with the perfect garage plan.

Step 1: Start with a consultation

Looking for expert advice? Garage Living’s garage design professionals offer free consultations in person or online to discuss your project. We’ll review the space you have available and outline some ideas or solutions to show you what your garage could be.

Step 2: View your 3D design

A picture is worth a thousand words and once we have your garage’s measurements and we understand your goals, we can use that information to create a mockup of your garage plan using our CAD software. This will allow you to visualize your garage’s renovation and ensure everything is just where you want it.

Step 3: Turning the dream into reality

Once the project has been confirmed, Garage Living’s installation team will get to work bringing your space to life. The team will arrive promptly in the morning and get to work. You’re free to come out and ask questions as the installation process progresses.

Ready to get started?

You spend time in your garage every day. Why not make it everything you want it to be?

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