How Spring Tune-Ups Save Money and Make Your Car Safer

To protect your safety and the safety of other motorists and pedestrians, it’s important to maintain your car with a tune-up.

The costs that go into car maintenance will also save you money in the long run. If you intend on keeping your car for years, keeping the car in good shape will make what’s under the hood last longer. Consider the money that goes into regular maintenance an investment into the future resale value.

Also, an ongoing cost is tied to the price and use of gas. Along with other cost-saving strategies like timing the purchase of fuel and route scheduling, you want your car to run as efficiently as possible.

How the air filter affects gas use

The filter is the car that strains contaminants like dirt out of the engine. When the filter becomes clogged, air can’t flow in as easily. You’ll waste fuel trying to get up to speed.

Brakes and tires

Part of defensive and safe operation of the vehicle includes being able to stop at any moment. Having functioning brakes is important, but the same applies to tires. Under-inflated tires wears them out faster and wastes gas.

Statistics from a study show that many people drive without realizing that parts of the car need attention:

  • 9% need to replace their license plate lights
  • 6% have their check engine light on
  • 21% do not inflate their tires properly
  • 16% need to replace their tires
  • 11% have damaged tires
  • 80% have tires that are not suitable for driving
  • 85% have problems from minor to major, including low oil, frayed belts, clogged air filter, and battery cable issues.

After winter has passed

If it snows regularly where you live, your municipality may use salt to combat ice. The salt is corrosive to the metal in your car. Before venturing out more in the good weather, visit a car wash to remove the salt. If left on, you may develop rust, particularly around the area around the car wheel wells.

Source: NBC News

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