How Garage Living Repairs Damaged Concrete Floors

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Sometimes a finished slab of concrete has significant imperfections. There are several things that can go wrong with a concrete. These problems can include:

  • Hairline cracks
  • The reinforcing bar causing cracks due to being too near the surface of the slab
  • Ridges or humps left by finishers
  • The expansion of contraction cracks
  • Salt pits
  • Debris – such as chunks of wood – floating out of concrete while it’s still wet
  • Damage caused by heavy objects dropped on the slab before it is cured

Here are some highlights and steps Garage Living takes when preparing a concrete floor.

Garage Living prepares each floor with industrial diamond grinding equipment and dustless self-contained vacuum systems. All imperfections are filled, followed by a second diamond grind to give the floor a smooth level surface. The aggressive preparation ensures a mechanical bond between select type of coating and the concrete base.

Garage Living has fine-tuned a propriety application process and has invested in state of the art diamond grinders equipment. Preparation of the floor is the most important step.

Our trucks are outfitted as mobile work shops with equipment and materials to tackle any onsite challenge.

Mobile Work Shop For Repairing Damaged Concrete Floors

The on site crew evaluates the concrete density to select the right type of diamond blades to grind the floor.

Diamond blades For Grinding

The crew will grind the entire floor surface which profiles the substrate and opens the pores of the concrete.

The floor’s edges are ground down by using a dolly-mounded hand grinder.

Dolly-Mounded Hand Grinder

Hairline cracks naturally occur in concrete pads. These cracks must be opened up using a diamond cutting wheel. The cracks are then filled with a joint filler. Once applied, the filler cures in 10 – 15 minutes. As soon as it is cured, the excess filler can be ground off until the floor is completely smooth.

Repairing Damaged Concrete Floors

In many instances the floor has additional imperfections, these areas are also ground down to a perfectly smooth surface.

From here, the floor can be finished in a number of ways. Your Garage Living Design Consultant will provide many material and colour options.

After completion of your floor, Garage Living provides a written warranty so you can rest assured that the longevity and quality of the project.

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