How a Finished Garage Can Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

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Finished Garage

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, you know the importance of the finishings and furnishings that can turn an apprehensive buyer into a customer signing on the dotted line. Updated rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, along with new paint jobs and perfect staging can catch eyes and drum up excitement, but did you know that a finished garage can also add resale value to your home?

Everyone expects the other rooms to be up to par, but the added the surprise of a finished garage that functions as a workable space comes a delightful surprise as they open the door and find out they are getting something more. In fact, according to one of the biggest home manufacturers in Ontario, a finished garage can bring in as much additional monetary benefit as another bedroom inside the house!

They key to creating that bonus space is to make it warm and inviting like a usable space, complete with lighting, finished flooring, weather proofing, and usable storage. You need to get the wheels started turning in their heads so they leave thinking, “That garage could really work well as a rec room, playroom, gym, etc.”

Here are a few quick tips to help you make your garage into an extension of your home’s usable space.


Cover the Concrete

One update that will pay dividends is flooring. Cover up that drab and uncomfortable concrete flooring with a surface that lends itself to the type of space you are trying to create. For those who don’t plan on bringing cars inside, your options are similar to the rest of your home: laminates, wood, tiles, even carpeting! But for those who wish to keep their flooring durable and vehicle-friendly, it’s best to invest in a coating such as Rhino Floortex Coating. It covers the cracked and dusty concrete surface with a clean and durable coating that is also pleasing to the eye.

Garage Flooring

Wrap the Walls

With exposed insulation and wooden beams, your garage hardly seems appropriate for storing golf clubs, let alone housing a big screen TV or guests, should you be creating a living space in it. By changing the walls you can create a more pleasant environment. Select proper insulation, drywall, and wall covering such as paint or paper. The idea of a heated (well-insulated) garage in cold Canadian winters is appealing to many buyers!


Storage Solutions

One thing many buys are already in the market for is ample storage space. Help check off a few points on their list by installing space saving storage cabinets, floating shelving, and hooks to help get items organized better than labeled boxes on the floor.


Designate the Space

To help buyers better envision what their garage could be, help create spaces that are functional and appealing. Select one wall or corner and create a work area. Install a workbench, hang a pegboard for tools, and stage it as a usable space. Many people want a zone for their handyman to complete household or occupational tasks, so take the guesswork out. Don’t forget to add ample ambient lighting as well!


Map out an Entertainment Zone

Much like a workbench, a useable entertainment space will likely catch the eye of the buyer. Stage it with seating (an old couch and table will do the trick), or go all out with a TV, surround sound, and seating for the game! Be creative and make sure it is useable, convertible, and appeals to a mass market.

Garage Storage Solutions

For some more great tips to help your home stand out on the market and get your garage up to speed call the experts at Garage Living.

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