His and Hers Garages For The House of Bryan

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His and her garage - House of Bryan.

Cars provided by Garage Living.

When Bryan and Sarah Baeumler started building their forever home in the country, they didn’t anticipate their family of six living in a construction zone for two and a half years. But their hard work and endurance was worth it. The highs and lows of the process was captured in The House of Bryan TV series for HGTV Canada.

What viewers see in the TV series, is that along with investing in top quality products to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure, the Baeumlers also put great care and thought in every room – including the his and hers garages.


Two Garages?

Sounds like a luxury? Think about how hard these two spaces need to work. They must provide multiple storage options for an active family of six, ensure longevity and safety, and still fit in stylistically with the rest of the house. That’s where Garage Living came in. We had to provide both style and function to the connected garages in this contemporary country home.

The Baeumlers work hard at keeping their work, family and the Baeumler Family Foundation going. When it comes to playtime they need to have the space to keep all their outdoor toys, cars and equipment contained and organized. Garage Living had the solution.


His Garage

This is a pretty sexy garage. And why not? After a day in the truck going from construction site to building centres, this is what coming home should be all about. This bespoke garage answers Bryan’s idea of a luxury garage. It’s not just fully functional, it looks great and it’s all his.


GL NEOS Elite cabinetry. The flooring is finished with a Floortex™ floor coating in Blue Nightfall.

Whether he’s tuning the bike or working on the car, this is his space. Powder-coated steel cabinets with custom built shelves and drawers look built-in and give him multiple storage options. Tools, supplies and gear all have their place.

Keeping everything in good working order and organized is part of the trade and this system offers many options and configurations. Whether it’s for work or a hobby, having everything organized makes it easy and functional.

This space also offers Bryan access to the recycling, garbage and snow shoveling equipment. Sometimes you have to work at home too.


Hers and the Kid’s Garage

From tools to toys, like Bryan’s side, Sarah’s garage walls feature PVC tongue and groove slatwall panels to keep everything off the floor. As well as giving the space a finished, pulled together look by covering all the wall surfaces, every inch becomes an opportunity for organization.

From gardening tools to fishing gear to bikes, almost everything can be hung up. As the kids grow and activities increase or change, so can the configuration of the hanging systems, with some simple adjustments. This is a great feature for efficient, long-term use.


PVC slatwall with shoe racks, hooks and shelving.

Not all homes have a designated mudroom. This garage uses the garage entry to the home as a transitional space. Both his and her garages enter the home from here. Multiple racks, hooks and shelves keep outerwear and footwear organized and off the floor. No more tripping over boots and shoes – brilliant! The children can leave all their outerwear behind without having to stand on bare concrete.

A Floortex™ floor coating seals the floors and turns an ordinary concrete garage floor into a durable and attractive surface. In keeping with the Baeumler’s concern for safety, this floor’s textured surface provides more traction than traditional epoxy coatings when it is wet. Installed on the floors and foundation walls, Floortex™ is easy to clean and prevents moisture from getting through.

Garage Living’s GL Premium garage cabinets were configured to fit this space perfectly. They feature roomy, adjustable shelves to keep small and large items behind closed doors. Cabinetry mixed with a slatwall system is the right way to go to protect seasonal items and organize smaller pieces of equipment for easy access.

At the end of the day, Garage Living makes parking the family vehicles and adding organization for outdoor activities an attractive asset to the family home.

Now when Sarah calls everyone into the house for dinner and says, “Put your toys away” she may not be talking to just her children, but they all know that every piece has a place to keep things organized.

Thanks to Garage Living the Baeumlers can enjoy their new forever home, that much more.

Managing partner of Garage Living, Aaron Cash and television host, Bryan Baeumler.

Managing partner of Garage Living, Aaron Cash and television host, Bryan Baeumler.

Garage Living is a Baeumler Approved member which means we’ve been vetted for quality of service, insurance and professional certifications. If Bryan trusted Garage Living to set up his garage and you can too.

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