5 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Your Professional Garage Remodel

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Your filthy garage has a cracked and crumbling floor, insufficient storage space, outdated decor, and a garage door that hasn’t functioned properly for years.

Clearly, you’re in bad need of a professional garage remodel.

Sure, you could try and tackle the job yourself, but think about the benefits of having experts handle your garage renovation. Here are five reasons to consider a professional garage remodel instead of DIY’ing the project.

professional garage remodel by Garage Living


1. Experience definitely matters

Garage Living is a successful, rapidly growing company that’s been in the garage makeover business since 2005. Over that period, we’ve completed thousands of projects throughout North America. When it comes to a big project like a garage makeover, remember that experience definitely matters and Garage Living has plenty of it.

Avoid the potential nightmare scenarios of being in over your head when trying to renovate your garage yourself or dealing with a shady contractor. Go with an established and reputable company for your professional garage remodel.


2. Professionals bring fresh design ideas to the table

When it comes to brainstorming ideas for your professional garage remodel, experience in the field is a highly valuable resource. Garage Living specializes in custom-designed garage makeovers and our experts have a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be tapped into by our clients.

We can provide an assortment of solutions for your garage that you might not have even considered. For example, if you’re thinking about making your garage bigger to accommodate more vehicle parking, we might suggest choosing a car lift option instead. We’ll work with you to realize your vision for your dynamic new garage space.


3. Pro garage designers specialize in space-saving storage solutions

No matter what your issues are with a lack of space for garage storage and organization, a pro will have a helpful solution. Slatwall storage makes efficient use of your underutilized garage wall space, letting you hang up lawn tools, bikes, sports equipment, and a lot more. This frees up floor space for vehicles and other things.

We also carry a wide selection of specialty storage racks for the rest of your garage’s hard-to-store items. Garage cabinetry is another great storage solution that will do wonders for keeping your garage organized.



4. A professional garage remodel makes your space stylish and functional

Garages are largely functional spaces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful, too.

Slatwall, cabinetry, a new garage door, and a new garage floor will transform your garage’s aesthetics. Our experts know how to make your garage decor pop with specific color schemes and other design choices.


5. Best of all: you don’t have to do any work!

A garage makeover involves quite a lot of problematic and strenuous work. Wouldn’t it be enormously frustrating to spend a significant amount of time doing it yourself, only to be disappointed with the final result?

Let us do the “heavy lifting” and thinking with your garage remodel. We know you’ll be absolutely thrilled with what we create.

For a professional garage remodel that delivers quality, experience, and reliability, turn to Garage Living. We have a team of skilled designers ready to meet you and discuss your goals, so schedule your free consultation today.

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