Gift Ideas for the Garage

It’s a whole new twist on holiday gift giving.

Words like spotless, clean, and organized are seldom used to describe a garage. But as the home renovation craze continues, the garage is the final frontier in the trend towards a clean, organized and fully functional home.

This opens up a whole lot of seasonal gift ideas that were previously non-existent.

An increasingly popular gift idea is epoxy flooring for the garage. With a myriad of colours, textures and finishes, epoxy flooring transforms any garage floor into a clean, decorative, durable and stylish floor.

Customized Garage Systems

With the floor now clean and usable, it can be converted into a multi-functional space such as a workshop, craft room, party room, playroom, overflow room or just about anything imaginable. With the addition of personal touches, the garage becomes a customized and valuable extension of the home.

“Putting an epoxy coating on the garage floor makes the perfect gift,” says Parag Shah, President of Garage Living, Canada’s leading garage specialists. “Just watching people’s expression when they see the conversion of their dark, grey, dysfunctional and often messy garage into a bright, fashionable, organized and multi-functional room is something to behold.”

Getting gifts for the garage is an untapped opportunity. For instance, dents from banging the car doors against the wall can be alleviated with practical items such as Prevent-a-Dent made from heavy-grade plastic. Or if the garage is a little too cool this winter, a heavy duty garage heater can solve the problem and turn the garage into a year round workshop.

“If you’re lost for ideas you can always come out to our showroom in Vaughan where you’ll find lots of unique gift ideas,” says Parag.

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