3 Tips to Help You Do Your Garage Spring Cleaning Right

Warmer temperatures are settling in. That means it’s a good time to start your spring cleaning regimen. Your garage is an excellent place to start.

During the winter you used your garage to park your car and you probably stored any number of items thinking you would “take care of them later”.

Well, later is fast approaching and unless you want this task to consume you right until summer, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Follow these tips and your spring garage cleaning will be over in no time.

Have a vision

Spring cleaning is a great time to re-envision your garage so it suits your needs effectively. Parking in your garage is probably goal number one, but what else do you want your garage to do?

Do you want to use it as a hobby area or workshop? What about capitalizing on the storage capabilities your garage offers – incorporating a car lift can increase them.

Whatever you decide, it will be easier to complete your spring cleaning project if you can attack it with a plan in place.

Don’t be afraid to toss things

If you are relocating things you’re never going to use, you’re just wasting time and delaying the inevitable.

As you begin your spring cleaning project, keep in mind that not everything has to stay – in fact, some of it shouldn’t.

Resolve to recycle some of the items in your garage or donate items that still have some life. Others you have no need for can be thrown away.


Get organized

If you’ve ever stood in your garage helplessly looking for one certain item, it’s time to reorganize. Making your garage a functional space means opening up the space to use it optimally.

Get things off the floor and they cease to be obstructions. Garage wall organizers are a great solution for hanging tools or sporting equipment and overhead storage is a viable option for those seldom–used items. Consider a new floor to make your garage more inviting.

Spring cleaning can be hard work, but if you attack the project with a plan in place, there’s no reason you can’t create a clean, functional space you’ll enjoy every month of the year.

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