Garage Makeovers: One of the Hottest Home Improvement Trends

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Garage makeovers have become one of the most popular home improvement projects in recent years. This trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2017. In fact, The New York Times recently called it “the final frontier in home renovation”.

Traditionally, the priority for home improvement projects has included redoing bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms in the home, as well as finishing basements.

The garage, once an afterthought in terms of a space worth upgrading, is now front-of-mind for homeowners looking to further enhance their living environment.

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Garage makeovers increase a home’s value

Homeowners are increasingly appreciating the importance of having a garage space that’s well-organized and clean, in addition to having a modern aesthetic, all of which increases a home’s value.

The rapidly growing garage improvement industry offers numerous solutions for significantly boosting the functionality and looks of this valuable home space. Sure, a new garage door really stands out to neighbours and passersby, but the area behind that door shouldn’t be overlooked, either.


A high-end vehicle deserves an organized and appealing storage space

Owners of classic and high-end vehicles have been particularly embracing of the garage makeover trend. The popularity of garage makeovers with auto and motorcycle enthusiasts makes perfect sense.

After all, it’s rather self-defeating to spend big bucks on a Lamborghini, Tesla, or Harley-Davidson and then park these treasures in a dreary-looking environment that doesn’t complement their natural beauty.

This is where garage makeover specialists like Garage Living step in. With thousands of garage remodels under our belt, including many makeovers specifically tailored to auto enthusiasts, Garage Living has the expertise and vision to take garage makeovers to truly elite design levels.


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Garage makeovers each have their own unique challenges

Each garage makeover presents its own unique set of challenges for Garage Living’s design experts. Will the framework of the garage need alterations to accommodate the customer’s design wishes? How will existing obstacles like a central vac system or ductwork fit into a makeover design scheme?

Garage Living’s durable and glossy Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating beautifully enhances any garage space, but what’s the best color to use to complement the customer’s vehicles?

The same consideration needs to be made for the addition of high-quality garage cabinetry. These are just some of the challenges that go into designing a new garage and there’s always new ones to be encountered, as was the case during a recent makeover that involved an underground residential garage.


How our garage makeovers maximize storage space

One of the common challenges Garage Living faces for any garage makeover is how to optimize storage space. As much as a garage’s shabby interior decor detracts from the looks of its contents, this problem is only multiplied when excess clutter is added to the mix.

With smart organization and storage solutions like slatwall storage, specialty storage racks, and car lifts (which increase parking space), underutilized wall and ceiling space can be employed to maximize a garage’s available storage space.

These solutions make the garage easy to keep clean and organized, so vehicles always have plenty of room for parking and storage.


garage makeovers car lift


We have garage makeover solutions for all types of garages

Homeowners put a lot of time and thought into how their home looks because it’s a source of pride and a reflection of who they are. That attention and care has now shifted towards the garage.

Whether it’s a middle-class family looking to refresh their garage space or a high-end auto enthusiast eager to create a similarly high-end storage space for their prized possessions, homeowners now appreciate the big benefits of garage makeovers, in greater numbers than ever before.

Visit one of our showrooms, where you can see and touch for yourself every single product we sell.

You can schedule a free consultation with a member of our design team to discuss the benefits of a garage makeover for your home.

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