What Items Are Ideal for Garage Overhead Storage?

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Overhead StorageMaking use of overhead storage is one of the easiest ways to declutter your garage. There’s absolutely no reason for you to be wasting valuable floor space. All you need to do is look up to find the perfect place to store all those odds and ends you thought you had no room for!

That being said, remember: garage overhead storage isn’t for everything! So how do you decide what should go up and what should stay down? We’re here to help you with our handy guide to “what items are ideal for garage overhead storage”.


Seasonal Items

The most obvious answer is seasonal items. For instance, once the snow melts, you can guarantee that you won’t be needing that box of Christmas decorations or your skiing gear until next year, so get it out of the way. Likewise, you’re not going be needing those life jackets or your diving gear in the winter months, so what’s the point in letting them take up precious floor space? Pack up those out of season items and keep them overhead until the next time you need them.


Bulky Items

If you’re keeping bulky items like ladders, golf clubs, and camping gear on ground-level, we’ve got two questions for you:

#1. How do you still have room to store your car?

#2. Why aren’t you taking advantage of overhead storage space?

If you’re worried about these things being too heavy to store overhead, don’t worry. There are plenty of storage solutions designed specifically for these kind of loads. You can even purchase special hoists so that you don’t have to worry about straining your muscles when you’re lifting your things up and down.


Bicycles and Boats

Both bicycles and boats can also be classified as “seasonal” and “bulky” items, but we think that they deserve a category of own since they’re so ideal for overhead storage. Indeed, you can buy special suspension systems that are designed specifically for hanging up bikes and boats so that they’re out of your way, but still easily accessible.


Everything Else

When it comes down to it, there’s virtually nothing that you can’t put in overhead storage. With the wide array of shelving units, hoists, lifts, and pulleys available, there’s a way to store pretty much everything in your overhead storage space. Just be sure to remember that most garages aren’t as climate and element controlled as the standard home.

If you’ve got items to store that might be susceptible to water damage you’ll need to make sure you have proper containers to protect them against the elements. Similarly, if you’re storing textiles or wooden items that might attract insect damage, you’ll want to ensure that they’re kept in sturdy air tight container.

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