Garage Living and the Yorkville Exotic Car Show

This Father’s Day, Garage Living will sponsor the fifth annual Yorkville Exotic Car Show. The event, which also supports Prostate Cancer Canada, will feature a collection of over 120 classic and exotic cars from around the world.

Visiting the Yorkville Exotic Car Show

2003 Ferrari 360 Modena

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The Yorkville Exotic Car Show will take place June 15th from 12 PM to 5 PM on Bloor Street between Avenue Road and Bay Street, the upscale Mink Mile area with some of the country’s best boutique stores.

Admission is free and no ticket is required for entry, making it a great way for families to celebrate Father’s Day without spending a lot of money.

Support from businesses like Garage Living help keep admission free while contributing to Canada’s health and entertainment.

Special for the 2014 Yorkville Exotic Car Show

2013 Tesla Model S

For more Yorkville Exotic Car Show images click the link given below

The 2014 Yorkville Exotic Car Show will features some rather unusual cars, including a Mustang Corral that celebrates the brands 50th anniversary. Mustang will also debut its Super Car Corral. Mustang will present a dozen Corrals in total, creating a showcase of technological evolution over the last half century.

Cars come from all over North America, so visitors should expect to see some truly special designs, including models such as:

  • 1932 Bucciali TAV-12
  • 1965 Shelby Cobra Mkill
  • Tesla Model S
  • Porsche 911
  • Mini GP

Anyone can nominate a car for the event, but only the very best will find spots in the car show.

Sponsoring the Yorkville Exotic Car Show

Garage Living is one of several Silver-level sponsors of the car show. Garage Living makes custom garage interiors that are clean and well organized. The company’s designers can make garages that match any intended use. Altering the dimensions, functionality, organizational, and storage options for a garage gives owners a better experience than they would get from ordinary garages.

The company has also gotten involved in several sponsorships. Companies like Garage Living understand that they play a crucial role in Canada’s culture. It’s about more than just making money from a business. Success also means giving back to the community and supporting events like the Yorkville Exotic Car Show.

If you’re in the Toronto area, visit the Yorkville Exotic Car Show on June 15th. Admission is free, and you’ll get to see some very rare cars. You’ll also get to show your support for fighting prostate cancer, a disease that affects over 23,000 Canadian men each year.


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