5 Ways to Keep Your Garage Spotless and Organized

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Maintain a clean garageIf you spend tons of time working in your garage, messiness can take its toll. Or you might simply sulk at your surroundings every time you get home and park your car within the giant mess.

Here are some ideas to help you get started at maintaining a clean garage:


1. Empty the garage

Park your car(s) on the street and take everything out onto your lawn and driveway. Empty your garage completely and spend a moment considering what you can do without, because everyone’s got a lot of junk in their garage. Make sure to throw out that junk to prevent your garage from becoming cluttered.


2. Clean

Now that you’ve emptied your garage, it’s much easier to clean. You can either sweep all the dust and dirt up, or use something more efficient like a leaf blower. Once finished, a high-powered hose will work wonders on the garage floor and the entire garage will look great as a result. Flood the ground with water. If you have a giant, durable broom, sweep the water and dirt out onto your driveway.


3.  Organize the garage accordingly

Depending on the size of your garage and how many cars (if any) you park in there, decide on an organizational pattern for all your belongings you haven’t thrown out. For a wide range of objects, use some shelves to stay neat. For toys, balls or any other miscellaneous belongings, consider using a bin or two to prevent the scattering of objects over the garage floor. You can also hang large objects such as brooms, shovels, or bush trimmers in your garage. Either hammer long nails into the walls or purchase some hooks from your local home maintenance shop.


4.  Fight insects

Your garage is a safe haven for insects of all sorts. If you see them coming from certain spots in your garage, spray repellent on a regular basis. If unsure where the insects are coming from, use repellent in cracks in the floor and all around the perimeter of your garage.


5.  Enforce rules

Whether they’re your kids, spouse, siblings or parents, let them know about your new regime. Everything has a specific place in your newly organized garage. If things get out of control or if you just prefer cleaning your garage every now and then, take everything out and do it again!

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