Floortex™: A Garage Floor Coating You Can Have Applied Year-Round

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Transforming your garage by adding a new garage floor coating might not seem like a home improvement project meant to be undertaken during the cold months of the year.

In fact, one type of garage floor coating can be applied on a year-round basis. It’s called a polyaspartic coating.

Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coatings are the highest quality garage floor coatings available on the market, which is why Garage Living uses them exclusively.

Polyaspartic coatings have some major advantages over epoxy coatings, not the least of which is their ability to be applied year-round.


What is a polyaspartic floor coating?

Initially used as an industrial protective coating after being introduced in the early 90s, polyaspartic technology was eventually modified for other uses. Residential floor coating applications was one of them.

A polyaspartic floor coating is water-soluble, so it’s able to penetrate concrete surfaces better than epoxy coatings. A stronger adhesive bond is formed, thereby providing a higher degree of surface protection, such as less likelihood of peeling floors.

The water-soluble nature of polyaspartic coatings creates a fluidity that allows the coating to shift easier with concrete. Shifting occurs when temperature fluctuations cause a floor to contract and expand.


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A Floortex™ garage floor coating can be applied year-round

A Floortex™ garage floor coating can be applied virtually any time of the year. The coating’s formulation allows it to be applied in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C).

Whether it’s the dead of winter or the middle of a heat wave, Garage Living’s pros can upgrade your garage interior with a Floortex™ floor coating application. This kind of flexibility is one of the many reasons polyaspartic coatings have become such an appealing flooring option to professionals and consumers alike.


An epoxy floor coating can’t be applied during the winter

On the other hand, epoxy garage floor coatings need a minimum temperature of approximately 50-55° F (10-13° C) to be applied. Obviously, that becomes quite restrictive in frigid climates.

Even an unseasonably warm day in that temperature range during the late fall, winter, or early spring won’t make an epoxy coating a viable option. That’s because epoxy coated floors usually require as many as five or six days to cure and dry.


Transform your garage floors in as little as one day

More flexibility when it comes to application temperatures isn’t the only advantage Floortex™ floor coatings have over epoxy coatings. Polyaspartic coatings also cure considerably faster than epoxy coatings. That means we can transform your garage floor with a Floortex™ floor coating in as little as one day.

Why be without the use of your garage for up to a week if you get an epoxy floor coating? A new Floortex™ coated garage floor can be used for foot traffic within 24 hours after the top coat has cured. Vehicle traffic can resume in just a few days, which results in less disruption to your family’s daily routine.


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Even more reasons Floortex™ is your best garage floor coating choice

Store-bought DIY epoxy flooring products simply don’t deliver the kind of long-lasting quality that comes with a polyaspartic floor coating. Consider the numerous additional Floortex™ floor coating benefits:

  • textured surface which provides more traction than traditional epoxy coatings
  • higher heat tolerance than epoxy coatings that resists “hot tire pickup” (where hot tires can leave permanent markings on a floor)
  • excellent abrasion and impact resistance that increases durability
  • high chemical resistance to oil, gas, salt, and household chemicals
  • UV stable topcoat that makes floor less prone to yellowing and fading over time
  • guaranteed against flaking, peeling, and blistering
  • can be customized to match your garage decor (choose from a wide range of colors)


Enjoy better garage floor winter protection

Snow, ice, and road salt will make a mess of any garage floor during the wintertime. A Floortex™ floor coating is your best line of defense in protecting it. Floortex™ provides a superior level of resistance to the road salt your vehicle will bring into your garage.

The garage floor coating’s topcoat also delivers excellent moisture protection. And maintaining your floor couldn’t be easier. A few strokes with a squeegee will quickly take care of the melted snow and ice that builds up on your Floortex™ coated garage floor.

Improve your home’s value and upgrade your garage’s looks with your best flooring option – Floortex™ floor coating.

You don’t have to wait until the weather warms up to have your garage floor makeover done. Get started now by booking your free consultation with one of our design experts.

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