Considering a Garage Expansion? Rethink Your Storage Systems First

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Are you locked in a never-ending battle against the slow creep of clutter in your garage? It can get exhausting and frustrating constantly trying to make room to park one car, let alone two.

Even if you’re able to park one or more vehicles in your garage, perhaps you’re barely able to get out of them because space is so tight. Garages are multi-purpose buildings, which often makes them overcrowded with clutter.

You’re not alone with this dilemma. A SpareFoot survey of more than 1,000 Americans found that almost half of them said they were unable to park in the garage.

Another study by the National Association of Professional Organizers found that 50% of the homeowners they polled named the garage as the most disorganized area of their house.


Is a garage expansion the solution?

When the problem gets to be too much for you, your initial inclination might be to undergo a garage expansion. But is this the best solution?

For some homeowners, it may be the best plan of action. Take someone with a single car garage as an example. He has a growing family and two everyday use vehicles.

He’s also an auto enthusiast who would like to buy a classic car or two that he wants to do maintenance on in a garage workshop. That’s a lot of needs for such a small garage space, so a garage expansion would make sense for him.

For most homeowners, however, they can dramatically upgrade their garage’s functionality simply by improving the organization and storage systems used within the space.

garage expansion cluttered garage

A garage expansion might seem like the right solution for a small and cluttered garage, but it’s more sensible to simply make better use of the space.


The drawbacks of doing a garage expansion

A full-blown garage expansion may give you more space, but there are drawbacks to getting one, including:

  • the high cost
  • the complicated logistics
  • losing yard space
  • the noise and mess your family and neighbors will have to endure
  • the length of time it can take to complete a garage expansion

Look at improving your garage storage systems first

Instead of making the big commitment to undergo a costly and lengthy garage expansion process, first re-evaulate your existing garage space.

When compared to the large ordeal a major garage expansion can become, it quickly becomes evident that a garage makeover can be a much more practical option than a garage expansion.


4 ways to maximize garage storage space

The solution to your crowded garage woes is to maximize your storage space with effective storage systems. The reason so many garages are disorganized is that they waste storage space by not utilizing certain areas of it better. Here are four ways to fix that:

  • have slatwall panels installed
  • add overhead storage racks
  • increase your garage’s parking space with a car lift
  • include garage cabinetry in your makeover plans

Let’s break down each garage storage system one-by-one to show you their benefits.


1. Slatwall storage

If you’re dealing with a messy garage space, take a look at your garage walls. How effectively are they being used to store yard tools, sports equipment, and so many other items that commonly clutter your garage floor?

Adding slatwall panels that are custom-fit to your garage space can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your garage tidy. Anything hangable that weighs up to 50 lbs can be stored on the panels using a wide range of slatwall accessories.


2. Overhead storage racks

Another area of the garage that offers plenty of untapped storage potential is your ceiling space. Having overhead storage racks installed gives you extra storage room for bulkier items that can take up valuable garage floor space.

Needless to say, be sure any overhead storage racks you choose are right for the job. They need to be able to hold a lot of weight and be safely secured.


3. Car lifts

Creating more room for parking is one of the main reasons someone would consider a garage expansion. An easier and less costly solution is to add a 4 post car lift instead.

Whereas a garage expansion adds space by typically expanding to the sides or to the front or back, a car lift creates parking space by thinking vertically. And no garage walls need to be knocked down.

The car lift allows vehicles to be raised up so another vehicle can be parked beneath it. You can add one of more car lifts in your garage to effectively double your parking space for every car lift added.


4. Garage cabinetry

The extra space that the three above garage storage systems create can allow you to add other garage improvement solutions, such as garage cabinetry.

Garage storage cabinets are an additional effective way to keep your garage organized and can be used to increase the space’s functionality as a garage workshop.

garage expansion organized garage

The same garage space from the first photo is now more functional and clutter-free after the addition of slatwall storage. A new floor coating and improved lighting are also part of this garage makeover.


Can I do a garage expansion or makeover myself?

Unless you have extensive experience in garage building or makeovers, taking on these types of projects yourself isn’t recommended.

For safety reasons alone, a garage expansion or makeover should be left to a trusted garage professional. A company like Garage Living has the expertise, proper safety certifications, and design expertise to produce the highest quality results.

A Zillow survey found that almost 40% of homeowners who had done a DIY project regretted taking it on. Sometimes a botched DIY home improvement project can actually end up costing you more than if you’d just hired a professional in the first place.


Rethink that planned garage expansion

Creating a more spacious, organized, and beautiful garage space is possible without going through the ordeal of a garage expansion. View our garage makeovers gallery to view many examples (like the pictures shown above) of how you can avoid a garage expansion simply by using your space smarter.

All of these storage system additions don’t just make your garage more functional, they also modernize your garage’s appearance and give it a nicer, more finished look.

Before undergoing a garage expansion project, let the experts at Garage Living help you rethink your current garage setup. Schedule your free design consultation with us to start your garage makeover process.

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