How To Convert A Garage Into A Pool Cabana/Outdoor Covered Patio

Garage transformations can be as simple as finishing and organizing your garage. Or they can be as complex as creating a pool cabana or outdoor covered patio. This garage transformation gives you an entire new room for living and entertaining and can increase the value of your property.

Pools With Garages

Are you ready for a garage transformation? Have you always wanted more from your home? Here are some things to consider when transforming your garage into a pool cabana:


Do you have enough space for a pool in your garden? Is the space located next to your garage? If you can imagine sitting in your new cabana, sipping a drink after a refreshing swim, then start making plans!

Once your garage has been transformed, you can store all your pool accessories and supplies as well. Make sure to include storage options in your transformation plan, so your new space is not littered with pool toys and wet towels.


The cabana or outdoor covered patio gives you an extra room for BBQs, pool parties, and more making the garage-turned-cabana a great place to entertain. If you have proper heating in your cabana, you can entertain in there all year round. And if you keep the party in the cabana, it also makes it easier to clean up!

A pool cabana can also be used as a guest suite for visitors.

A pool cabana is especially great if you have older kids, as it allows them space for their friends, while remaining under your roof.

Pool in the garage

Another option is to install an above-ground pool inside your transformed garage, if you have the space. If your garage has concrete floors it should provide enough structural support for a pool, though you must confirm this before going ahead. Make sure you choose a contractor who knows all the building codes in your area.

You’ll be able to swim year round if your transformed garage is insulated and heated. You should add windows or skylights, too, as garages are traditionally rather dark areas.

Home value

A fantastic garage transformation will also increase the value of your home.

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