Garage Cabinetry Options

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The garage is often the most underutilized area of the home.  Clutter and disorganization can prevent homeowners from using their garage as an active space, instead relegating the garage to an area for general storage.  However, with a little resourcefulness and some basic organizational tools, your garage can be more than just a place to park your car or a repository for forgotten things.


Garage Cabinets

Cabinets aren’t just for the kitchen.  Having cabinets installed in your garage can be an attractive solution to organize your garage clutter.  Because garages tend to face more wear-and-tear activity, specialized garage cabinets tend to be made of more durable materials.  The most common materials used are steel and aluminum, with the heaviest duty systems using treadplate steel.

Modular cabinetry is easily customizable to fit any space constraints or individual requirements.  Whether you intend to use the area as a work area, need specialized storage for tools, or need large lockers for sports equipment storage, a modular cabinet system can be easily designed to fit your budget.  Best of all, these cabinets are guaranteed not to rust or deteriorate over time, ensuring they will stand up for the long haul.


Wall Organizers

Most people overlook a critical area that can be used for storage: the walls of their garage!  All of the tools, unused sporting goods, camping equipment and other miscellaneous equipment cluttering up your garage floor can easily be mounted on the wall for easy organization, attractive viewing and ready access when you need it.

One of the easiest ways to maximize your garage wall space is to have an interlocking panel system installed.  With these panels anchored securely to your walls, you can easily insert hooks, hangers, racks, baskets and shelves without the need for additional mounting hardware (and without adding more holes to your wall).

Various hanging solutions have been designed for almost every need.  In addition to the standard offerings of hooks and shelves, some of the more unique wall hanging accessories offered by Garage Living include bike hooks (which allow you to hang your back vertically along the wall), fishing rod racks, ball racks and tennis ball and racket racks.


Overhead Storage

Another great garage storage solution is to install ceiling shelves for overhead storage.  Getting clutter up off the floor clears space for moving around and working.  Heavy-duty shelves are reinforced and can hold up to 600 lbs. of items you don’t need to regularly access.  Store seasonal holiday decorations, unused furniture or anything or else that can’t find a place elsewhere.

Because these shelves raise your items above the ground, they are protected from rodents and other vermin that may chew or damage your belongings.  There are even overhead shelves specially designed to hold tires, bicycles and garbage bins.

Think your ceiling is too low or too high to accommodate standard storage shelves?  Not to worry!  There are overhead storage solutions that can work with either, and won’t pose a head-bonking threat or require you own a ladder for access.

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