Five Great Tips for Sports Car Winter Storage

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Looking to turn your prized sports car in for the winter? It’s not as simple as just parking it and closing the garage door. Sports cars need a bit of tender loving care if they’re going to last through the cold season in good shape. But with these simple tips your favorite possession can get through winter without issue.



Leaving gas in the tank for months on end can make it go bad and cause problems. Gas can oxidize and form into deposits that can clog and jam your fuel system. While you could drain the gas out, this isn’t easy and can result in your gas tank being exposed to moisture that causes rust. Instead, consider adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank, which should be kept close to full to prevent moisture. This is a relatively cheap solution that prevents fuel from deteriorating.



Depending on your converter type, it may be a good idea to take out the spark plugs and add oil to the cylinders before storage. This makes sure oil doesn’t sleep off and leave cylinders exposed to rust, and friction when the car starts. However, if you car has a catalytic converter then the additional oil can damage the converter. Instead, consider running the engine regularly to prevent rust damage.


Coolant and washer fluid

Engine coolant is also something that should be dealt with before tucking your vehicular baby away for storage. Coolant should be topped off before storage begins. The coolant strength should also be tested, as if it has too high a water concentration it can possibly freeze and crack the cylinder heads or engine block.

Also, on the windshield washer front, make sure your fluid reservoir contains antifreeze, not just water. If it’s only the latter, then the fluid can freeze and, ultimately, burst. This isn’t an issue, however, if you’re absolutely sure your car won’t freeze during winter storage.



The battery shouldn’t spend the whole season sitting under your hood as it usually does. Take it out if you have an older model that doesn’t have engine computers. These cars can have their batteries taken out or disconnected safely.  But if you have a car with engine computers, then disconnecting the battery is a bad move since those computers could lose performance over the long-term without a constant power source. In this case, a smart charger will get the job done.



Leaving your tires untouched through winter storage can result in flats. Instead, lift the tires up with jack stands to give them a break and lighten the load for your suspension. If this isn’t an option, be extra vigilant that the tires are inflated to at least their recommended PSI, or even higher, in order to stop them from getting deformed.

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